Topic: What is your one most overrated and one most underrated games you've ever played?

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To go back to underrated N64 games, there's this idea that being dated invalidates how good they are. Some people are just like "but these new games just play better, so they're better". But the reality is that a lot of modern, polished, 3D games fundamentally don't have what makes some of these games great. There's been like maybe 4 new collectathon platformers in the past decade, and I think they all came out in 2017. Until that point, you could not buy a modern, polished game that's like those games. Thus those dated games are giving you what you want, and being dated is not even a factor. It's like if you told someone to play RE5 because they want a game like RE1.

In general a lot of those games I still think are good, if often despite being dated and flawed. But I do think a big reason people still go back to that era of gaming, despite any improvements in modern games, is that modern, big budget games abandoned so many different sub-genres. There is no modern equivalent to Megaman 64 or Jet Force Gemini, or at least none I've ever heard of. There was no modern Banjo Kazooie or anything like that until 2017 it seems like. I think BOTW has the best gameplay Zelda has EVER had. However, its still different from OOT era Zelda games. While that style of game did survive past N64, what you get out of BOTW is fundamentally different than what you get from an OOT or even a WInd Waker. So if you're not into BOTW, its understandable if you're disappointed since its not the same thing. Considering how many games come out nowadays, its absurd how I can't immediately tell you of a 3D game that's a replacement for that style of Zelda.

Or just look at how Nintendo never outdid Star Fox 64. That makes no sense, but that's exactly what happened. Partially because of how those sequels were made, partially because Star Fox 64 was actually fantastic.

tl;dr: N64 (and PS1 presumably) era games are underrated partially because modern games, no matter how much more polished and improved in some areas, threw away a lot of cool things from that era that made those games great.

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Mega Man Classic
EarthBound (as a game. isolated from the gameplay aspect it's a masterpiece that deserves all the praise it gets)
Sonic Adventure 1 and 2
Drawn to Life
The entire Kirby series

Yo! Noid (NES, not the sequel fangame)
Bubsy: Paws on Fire
Sonic 2 (Master System)
Knuckles' Chaotix
Rockin' Kats

Overlooked (agree with most public opinions, but think the game needs more attention):
Drill Dozer
Mole Mania
Kuru Kuru Kururin
Virtual Boy Wario Land
Dynamite Headdy



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