Topic: When will fanboyism ever end?

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Fanboys can either support you or hate you. These are the absolute worst part of gamers trying to defend their system instead of just ignoring it and be happy with their thing. Seriously when will this fanboy thing ever end??????

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it'll end when there's nothing left for them to defend.... basically my bet is after every life from in this reality is gone, what I believe that will never happen so the only way to go is learning to deal with it no matter how bad it feels.....

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Never? As long as there's different opinions there'll be fanboyism.

I've seen people being fanboys about different types of food stores, different kinds of training gear or gyms etc. etc. etc.

It's everywhere and it'll never go away.

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Someone once said in regards to sports fans "There are two types of fans, those who love their team and those who hate all the other teams." I think this is true in gaming as well. Certain types of people just prefer to hate on things. It drives everything they do. Unfortunately that will never change.


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I know the brands they love and all means a LOT to them. I love Nintendo but I don't whine that the Wii U's the best and all and I can admit that its not as powerful as PS4 and ONE but it doesn't have to be because its a completely different thing. And many claim that its not the next gen but I don't brag about that. Couldn't they atleast keep it to themselves instead of hurting other people's feelings like me for instance?

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It will end when a person can express pleasure for something, without being rebutted.

It's the person who feels the need to challenge someone's opinion, who fans the flames of 'fanboyism'. Not the other way around.

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It won't, and threads like this always lead to trouble. Let's just enjoy our games

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