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I know the value this franchise has to offer. But when people refer pokemon, its only recommended for kids. So I'd like to know if it also caters to adults as well (although I'm easily convinced that it does.)

So what is very special about pokemon to you guys in general and why aren't people sick of it regardless of it being nearly the same thing?

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Well, nostalgia plays a big role in it for sure. Its such a long running series, that many people grew up with or got exposed to it at some point.
When talking about the main series, all of the games are very well made and extremely competend RPGs, which is another factor, you know what you get, and thats a quality product.
Then there is the plot and setting. For older gamers, the usual JRPG plot might be a bit too much to stomach, all with saving the world with bikini girls. Pokemon on the other hand has silly plots, but they are very down to earth in comparison.
On the other side of the plot, its just you on your journey to become the best trainer. And not just in the game, but among your friends and lately, across the world.
Collecting things and "getting better" are things, everyone can relate to. Also, the games are most often rather easy and can be played by everyone (not talking about mastering it), so it definitly has a wide range of appeal.

While the whole franchise (Anime, Merch, Spin offs etc) might not be anyones cup of tea, the main game series offers enough, that anyone can find something about them to enjoy.


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The thing is, i think its more enjoyable if one plays pokemon when he/she is young. I played it a lot during my childhood and still love it as a adult.



It isn't just for kids. That is one of the things that makes it magical, it works on so many levels. It can be a straight "find the enemy and fight" for kids, right down to the deepest, most complicated rpg. You play it how you want, essentially letting you mild the game into your own idea of what kind of game it is.



Pokémon is something magical. The exploration in it makes you want more from this franchise. Even though the story is sometimes a hit or miss, you will be immediately sucked into it, especially when your character involved in a case of stopping evil organizations. There are so many different characters you encounter. They either help you on your quest, hinder you, or bring some references and humor. Pokémon is a franchise that's made for everyone, including adults.

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I can remember that if you were an "older" fan (like late 20s/30s now, probably in like high school when the game first came out), you'd probably have been teased for liking it.
But I guess now that it's been out and there's probably a whole younger generation, it's not so much to worry about (and by that age, you should probably stop caring what others would say to you about your interests). (I can only remember when Diamond/Pearl came out, it was supposedly the most successful launch by then, and had a surprising number of older fans lining up to buy it).
I do admit the first game was a bit standard for an RPG, but they have added more features to add a little more depth to the strategy of finding and raising good Pokemon (though you'd probably end up spending a huge amount of time the first time around each game when there are new mon you don't know anything about).

And watching TwitchPlaysPokemon run through the series, one thing I can say I've noticed is the games, more often than not, have quite well-done music. That's quite an accomplish that it can stay listenable after 100+ hours.



Well, it was the first video game I ever owned and played by myself and it's pretty much the only game series I can play and play without getting bored of. I guess I grew attached to the series.

Heck, right now I'm playing Blue on my SP.

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I can't say exactly what but one of the points that feel awesome is that unlike most RPGs it actually takes you to a sort of post game it feels a lot better than being sent back to the point before the last boss/stage with nothing to prove you beat the game other than a different icon in the save file or a "new game+" choice(though a new game+ would be very welcome )

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I don't know how to describe it. It's part nostalgia, part addicting gameplay and they're just well made games.
I really don't like turn based RPGs at all, but I do enjoy Pokemon greatly. It's a game that can be as deep as you want it to be (ie. some people do EV training and whatnot, others just play). It also has so much customization. You can mix and match your party as much as you want and teach them all sorts of moves to match your play style. There's exploration and incentive to find new and better Pokemon to put on your team (ie. "I can't beat this gym leader with my current line up, I need to get X type on my team and level it up). Once you find the perfect team, it just works so well. My Pokemon Y team for example works in perfect harmony and my original Pokemon Emerald team is a similar story.
Though the games have gotten easier over the years (I never lost a battle in Y), they're still fun.

I've been playing since Pokemon Yellow.

EDIT: I also remember that as a kid you wanted to be the best among all of your friends and you wanted to make them jealous. That added to the fun. Not everyone had a link cable to battle/trade, but you still wanted to show off your level 100 Blastoise and how many Pokemon you had captured. Whoever had a complete Pokedex was also a really cool kid lol. Now you can just trade online and finish it easily, but back then you had to find someone who had a link cable (I didn't know anyone that did) and trade with them.

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for me what makes pokemon great is that it transformed classic turn based jrpg combat into a competitive multiplayer affair, I don't know any other game that allows you to go against someone else in a turn based jrpg style battle

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Slowpoke tales.


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It's really only great--in my opinion--if you play competitively.

The stories are generally sub-par and the game itself isn't exactly what one would call a challenge. What's great is how much depth there is when you play competitively: depth that you can't really experience if you're just on the ride for the story.

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IDK I guess we are all addicted to collecting stuff and not letting our collected stuff go to waste every time a new pokemon game comes out.

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It found a specific formula that people love and/or are addicted to and has kept to that formula well while doing enough changes that is considered necessary to keep it working.

That formula is too well done for me to fully understand why specifically Pokemon is as good as it is.

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I guess I will take the opposite approach to the question. I made fun of it back in the 90's so I don't have any nostalgia attachment to it. Though I respect it for its popularity, I currently have no desire to play Pokemon games.

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I love the strategy involved with the combat and working on my team synergy. The game is very very deep if you want it to be or it can be very simple if you want it to be.



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