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I bought Zelda II Adventure of Link a-while ago. And, to put it crudely, I hated it. It was just not the kind of game I can sit down and play.

So, I am going to sell it (Gameboy game, cartridge only); and I basically was wondering how much I should sell it for(?)

Any rough ideas, thanks in advance for any.

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Probably $20

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I would check ebay or other online sites and see what others are selling it for to get a rough idea.

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Your better off paying someone to take it from you because no one wants it.

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LordJumpMad wrote:

Your better off paying someone to take it from you because no one wants it.

I think he could find a potential buyer, if he removed the sticker and replaced it with one that said: "Poogeymanz Orange".

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@Link-XL: How far into the game are you? I wasn't a big fan of it, but one day decided to put some time into it and ended up really enjoying it. If you aren't past the third dungeon, I recommend finding a walkthrough, putting in some time, and getting past it. It gets really fun later.

Otherwise, if you don't care for it, I'd sell it to whoever offered to most for it, considering the Eshop version is $5 and has save states.

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@SomeBitTripFan - I understand fully what you're saying; but what I meant was: I can't play any older games with those 'graphics'. It's just the way it is I'm afraid.

I'm thinking of selling on a couple of older consoles (GBA SPs, DS' etc); so maybe I'll throw it in with one if them to sweeten the deal.
Either that, or I'll do as mentioned, and sell it for the average it is on eBay.

Thanks guys for the (mostly) helpful replies.

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Selling old Zelda in the other gaming forum...
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You should be able to get $10 to $20 for it, depending on the condition. I bought one a few years back for around $12 or so.

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