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If you had to make a video game charactor, who would you make? Use your imagination! Be creative!

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If I were to make an RPG someday, one of the characters I would make is a benevolent dragon with the heart of a lion.

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I'd make a villain who's a great manipulator and when you finally fight him he only plays games like hide and seek.....with fireballs!!!

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i need no imagination...there is enough inspiration in the everyday world to create videogame character. my videogame character would be named Marvin Heemeyer. he would be a regurlar dude who gets fed up with his citys crappy zoning laws and takes action by creating a weapon of mass destruction called the Killdozer: a bulldozer covered in cement and steal with a fat gun inside. it would pretty much kill anything. the game would be alot like this:

i wish there was a killdozer game..



OMFG KILLDOZER. That's awesome.

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..... I would make a character named "Chubby Chomper". A Chicken McNugget tm shaped creature with sharp teeth and stubby limbs!

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A dude who is reborn like a million times, runs around in green with a sword and shield, and saves a princess and an entire country. His name is Bind.

................................................................ Oh shoot.

The Game.

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my guys name is Lough. When the kingdom is in danger, and the princess has been stolen, Lough takes his trusty sword and does absolutely nothing. He just sits around and lets things solve themselves. He likes television and spends most of his day watching it. He also has a natural distaste for chickens...and roman betrayers

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briunj04 wrote:

He also has a natural distaste for chickens...and roman betrayers

I'd make a pretty excellent video game villain, if I do say so myself.




I think Adam is a good name for a video game character, Chicken, but I'm not sure about the rest of your idea. What if he were a suave ukulele-playing cowboy whom all the ladies gravitate toward? He could star in a rhythm-based game, and the better you time your notes, the faster the women close in, but while you do this you have to avoid falling Dickens books. His one and only weakness: outdated popular fiction.

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I used to write to Sega with my ideas for a game character called Rocky the Mountain Hare. It was basically going to be a complete rip-off of Sonic the Hedgehog, but after my second polite "no thank you" letter I stopped designing Rocky's world. It was a sad day.


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You spell "Character" incorrectly in the title, if you didn't notice already.

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mario climbs up the Booster Tower expecting to save Peach from Marriage again....but that woman is actually a hot catgirl named Queen Tulip of the Tanooki Kingdom

and Killdozer is actually a good idea, but wasnt that Blast Corps right there?

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If I had to make a game character, he would have the power to win.


I would have Chuck Norris' only rival, Sirron Kcuhc, as a second playable character in the Chuck Norris Game, where they face Mr. T statues, Giygas, Weegee Faces, and people Rick Rolling

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