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Earthlock: Festival of Magic made it, it is coming to the Wii U !!!

Now on to the stretch goals!



Wait what? Looked in this thread a bit and couldn't find anything about Cult County:

It's being developed by Renegade Kid, the same developers responsible for the hit horror game, Dementium. They're being a little vague with the game itself, and the extremely high asking price is admittedly a unnecessarily high. But believe me, these guys are great, they know loads about the horror genre and will surely make a great game. Unfortunately, the game won't even hit a quarter of the minimum amount at this rate. But c'mon guys, we need to try!

... Also the Wii U really needs another game, especially if it wants to avoid another drought...

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Captain_Toad wrote:

Miss Monster world and need a game that has hamsters?
Look no further!

It's a match made in heaven <3

EDIT: Oh ho, they just got the Castlevania composer. Now I'm intrigued.

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Hover update: 60000 reached. with only 24 days to go. Looking good.
Cosmochoria 23000 with only less than 2 days to go. Current momentum from the last few days looks likely but im a but worried.

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This looks really great, and the positive press makes it easier to reach new stretch goals. Hopefully a WiiU stretch goal will come soon!

EDIT: And we have a WiiU stretch goal at 200.000$! Pretty manageable, considering the success of it so far! Woot!

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