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mantrakid commented on Cosmochoria Confirmed for Wii U Release:

Hey thanks for the support you guys and for coming to hang on the live twitch feed and AMA on reddit - that was a lot of fun!

Will do my best to make sure this game kicks all asses until the infinite future.

I dont know how doable a 3DS version is, but if things go well I will definitely consider the possibilities.



mantrakid commented on Cosmochoria Confirmed for Wii U Release:

Hey guys, thanks so very much for the amazing support.

Yeah @SKYW4LK3R, i used that image a while ago, but the Kickstarter updates become locked after they are submitted so i cant go back and change them unfortunately. Actually maybe I can change the one on the main page, I've just been so swamped with the campaign I haven't had a chance. Im in it to win it, but Im rocking the whole thing solo pretty much so i have to choose my battles. Once i have it running on the Wii U tho I'll take my very own press shots complete with me sitting in the grass.

Thanks again... it is such an unreal experience to hear such positive things said over something i poured myself into. Cant wait to blow your minds with the final game.



mantrakid commented on Space Shooter Cosmochoria Lowers Wii U Kicksta...:

@TopLaytonsHat The pleasure is all mine, my friend. It's so awesome to be in direct contact with cool people like you who question and think about the industry in terms more than just from a gamer perspective. I appreciate your honest questions - you have every right to ask them. Just so cool to have an intelligent discussion on the internet every once in a while. Respect.

@Razzle - you dazzle my snazzle — thanks for the support! I'll contact you on KS with a downloadable version so you dont have to relegate yourself to the browser version to try it out.



mantrakid commented on Space Shooter Cosmochoria Lowers Wii U Kicksta...:

(Edit: this was meant for @TopLaytonsHat )
There are multiple levels to this and with being on the sticks end of the Ouya debacle I know first hand what it's like to expect something and be delivered (or not) something that doesn't meet those expectations.

Regardless of it's intended use, when dealing with a kickstarter campaign people truly have an expectation of receiving something for $X knowing that it costs roughly $Y to produce. When i was setting up the stretch goals for Cosmochoria I admit I was not thinking of the value of the goals as 'estimated costs from a customers position'. I was thinking of the higher stretch goals as 'new opportunities based on higher resources' — looking entirely from a developers position, and that is where I think the disconnect happens. Adjusting the stretch goal came from a reanalysis of the priorities and resources available to actually achieve that goal.



mantrakid commented on Space Shooter Cosmochoria Lowers Wii U Kicksta...:

Thanks so much for the feedback guys (and nintendolife for the update!!)

@WiiULoveGBA - if anything, the what was perceived as insurmountable WiiU stretch goal initially was based on a couple things: one was an estimate provided to me on the work that would be involved to prepare a WiiU Port, the other being that I honest to god was not well enough informed to set a realistic goal.

When I set the $200,000 goal i was effectively saying. "If we reach this point in the campaign, i will be in a position to do what needs to be done to make a WiiU port happen." And I couldnt confidently say anything otherwise, so it's not so much that it was an accurate reflection of cost, but more of a 'If we get here, I will have the resources available to make this happen.'

When I began to dig deeper into the possibilities of the WiiU Port, and was approved as a WiiU Dev, I was able to actually see the level of support provided as well as many other details that allowed me to confidently make a truly informed decision about what could be done about a WiiU Port. Seeing just how feasible the possibility was was the primary reason for bringing the stretch goal way down closer to the base goal.

The same could not be said for Vita/PS4/XBoxOne ports / stretch goals unfortunately, as those ports would effectively need to be rebuilt from the ground up, or have similar technologies to what Nintendo is offering for development in order to make it more feasible.

I hope that helps explain my position a bit more. Thanks so much for checking out the game, though. I appreciate any feedback, criticism or analysis you can provide me.



mantrakid commented on Feature: Kickstarter's Wii U and 3DS Campaigns...:

Hey guys i wanted to comment on this - I'm the developer of Cosmochoria. Originally I wasn't sure what was required for a WiiU port and at the advice of a colleague had estimated the cost of hiring a programmer to essentially port FROM SCRATCH the Cosmochoria code. That being said, I've actually been recently accepted as a WiiU dev and learned through reading documentation, forums, etc that actually the porting process is quite doable even with my own abilities. Because of this I have actually lowered the WiiU stretch goal to $25,000, so we're essentially $9,000 away now.

Unfortunately I didnt see this thread until just now and the new WiiU goal has already been announced today. I wonder if there's a way to contact the original author and have the entry for Cosmochoria updated with the new stretch goal?

Thanks so much for checking the game out anyway, I deeply appreciate the interest, honest feedback and support.