Topic: I'm getting the PSP Go! are you?

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No way. Downloading massive files? If I ever get a PSP, it'll be one with UMDs.

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DarkG wrote:

Sean007s wrote:

Don't get me wrong it does have advantages....especially for lazy people
But it takes me ages to download updates on my connection. if we have games digital patience will not wait for the downloads....
Also ok for movies i would download want to have my manuals and box physical.
Anyway thanks for having this convo and sorry for getting rounded up about it,but i just cannot imagine digital downloads only....
Imgaine downloading 15GB??....(i say 15Gb becuase future console games will be graphically better and will require way more memory) anyway goodnight

No, it takes forever to download updates from PlayStation Network, no matter the connection speed... take a look at Steam, it works like a charm, with top speed downloads (except for games on launch-day, that's why they have pre-loads for most games, a couple of days before actual release date)... it usually maxes out my download speed, even faster than most downloads (290 KB/s... My ISP says my connection is a 2000 Kbps (250 KB/s) one lol)... so,if the store servers are fast and reliable enough, it won't be a problem...

Actually no.
I have had people who download demos in about 40 mins while it takes me about 1 hour(takes that long on 300MB Demos)
My connection sucks due to my Router being a cheap ass lol
Its good for playing online but downloading and uploading stuff is a right pain.

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Im gettin mines for sure... got it reserved already and $50 is the limit to do it too... i heard like when the day comes to pick up your PSPGo... trade in your PSP with the charger and 3 psp games and youll get like $100 off too as well.

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I'm pretty tempted...the only real issue is the fact that I have 8 or 9 games on UMD and a few UMD be fair though, I got everything used and cheap except FFT and FF7: Crisis Core. I like the look, it appears like it'll fix the crappy PSP analog stick, and the unbelievably awful UMD load times will vanish.

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So will the older games be available for download too?

If not then I don't want it.

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I wont be getting one since I already have a PSP im way too cheap to drop over 200$ on an upgrade..

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This would be a stupid move if you've already invested in lots of psp games. If you haven't I think it would be a good deal though. I don't want it, but that's another story.

Digital downloading is the wave of the future I think, but it will be at least another 10 years before enough people have broadband for it to truly be viable.

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I was willing to pay 300 for it, but unfortunately its 1 and 43 mins away , 42 mins by car.
I live in NY but it's not worth paying 300 then more for transportation so I hope I can wait till Thursday
I don't have any UMD's, I only have GTA LC, and Lumines xD I used that to hack my old fat PSP a long time ago.
I never bother with the slim or 3000 but I'm defiantly getting the Go! I need and upgrade

Woot I won hahaha


Nope, but I did have a hands-on with one today and it's very nice. Feels very comfortable - fingers resting behind the screen feel natural, and having the analogue stick towards the middle is more comfy too. It's nice and everything, but it's far, far too expensive.


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