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Topic: I'm getting the PSP Go! are you?

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No way. Downloading massive files? If I ever get a PSP, it'll be one with UMDs.

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DarkG wrote:

Sean007s wrote:

Don't get me wrong it does have advantages....especially for lazy people ;)
But it takes me ages to download updates on my connection. if we have games digital only....my patience will not wait for the downloads....
Also ok for movies i would download but...games....i want to have my manuals and box physical.
Anyway thanks for having this convo and sorry for getting rounded up about it,but i just cannot imagine digital downloads only.... :(
Imgaine downloading 15GB??....(i say 15Gb becuase future console games will be graphically better and will require way more memory) anyway goodnight :)

No, it takes forever to download updates from PlayStation Network, no matter the connection speed... take a look at Steam, it works like a charm, with top speed downloads (except for games on launch-day, that's why they have pre-loads for most games, a couple of days before actual release date)... it usually maxes out my download speed, even faster than most downloads (290 KB/s... My ISP says my connection is a 2000 Kbps (250 KB/s) one lol)... so,if the store servers are fast and reliable enough, it won't be a problem...

Actually no.
I have had people who download demos in about 40 mins while it takes me about 1 hour(takes that long on 300MB Demos)
My connection sucks due to my Router being a cheap ass lol
Its good for playing online but downloading and uploading stuff is a right pain.

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Im gettin mines for sure... got it reserved already and $50 is the limit to do it too... i heard like when the day comes to pick up your PSPGo... trade in your PSP with the charger and 3 psp games and youll get like $100 off too as well.

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I'm pretty tempted...the only real issue is the fact that I have 8 or 9 games on UMD and a few UMD movies....to be fair though, I got everything used and cheap except FFT and FF7: Crisis Core. I like the look, it appears like it'll fix the crappy PSP analog stick, and the unbelievably awful UMD load times will vanish.

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So will the older games be available for download too?

If not then I don't want it.

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I wont be getting one since I already have a PSP im way too cheap to drop over 200$ on an upgrade..

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What? Do you think I'm crazy? No way

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This would be a stupid move if you've already invested in lots of psp games. If you haven't I think it would be a good deal though. I don't want it, but that's another story.

Digital downloading is the wave of the future I think, but it will be at least another 10 years before enough people have broadband for it to truly be viable.

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I was willing to pay 300 for it, but unfortunately its 1 and 43 mins away , 42 mins by car.
I live in NY but it's not worth paying 300 then more for transportation so I hope I can wait till Thursday :p
I don't have any UMD's, I only have GTA LC, and Lumines xD I used that to hack my old fat PSP a long time ago.
I never bother with the slim or 3000 but I'm defiantly getting the Go! I need and upgrade :p

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Nope, but I did have a hands-on with one today and it's very nice. Feels very comfortable - fingers resting behind the screen feel natural, and having the analogue stick towards the middle is more comfy too. It's nice and everything, but it's far, far too expensive.

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