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@jak1one That, or a really fun and structured rogue like, with a good feeling of progression, like Binding Of Isaac.



@jak1one That’s what I thought you were trying to find, but from what I know, there aren’t many indies like that other than Gris.
Edit: If you’re looking for a rogue-like/lite, Dead Cells and Gonner are both great.

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@GyroZeppeli Don't like gonner, but Dead Cells feels interesting. Does it have a good progression system? Do you power up/ get stronger playing? Can you come back to a precedent area just to kill enemies easily (because you are stronger) and get resources? That is what i am looking in a rogue like.



Monster hunter generations ultimate or diablo 3 for someone looking to try online multiplayer rpg for first time. Currently plays only single player games but likes rpgs. I have played Monster Hunter Stories.

Not usually one for multiplayer games but looking to expand my horizons. Ideally would like a friendly community to get to know.

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I recommend 3 of my new games.

Reigns: Kings & Queens

If you like easy-to-learn turn-based decision-making games, this one is quite an interesting one. Stay alive as a king or queen by making the right (and wrong) decisions to keep the church, the army, the people, and the money in balance. There are plenty of quests to solve and even items to find and use. At some points events take place that can change the dynamics of the gameplay, and you can even come across light dungeon crawling bits. If you die then your soul and items are simply transfered to the next king/queen. The game has 2 saves per profile, one for the story of the kings and one for the story of the queens.

Swords & Soldiers

In this super fun 2D tower defense game you play a horde of viking barbarian barbecue fanatics (before unlocking other completely different campaigns such as Chinese and Aztecs). The game is easy to learn because of the natural progression of stages and introduction of new elements. And those hilarious vikings really make you wonder what's coming up next. The Switch version has the 30 main levels + a new camapign that wasn't in the Wii, 3DS, and Wii U versions. Achievements, and 2p versus splitscreen round off a really neat package. And the sequel comes to Switch soon as well.

The Way Remastered

This was on sale for under one buck. And man, this game is pretty good. What started like a stealth-platformer, turned into a shooter, and then into a metroidvania with lots of puzzles. The story is about a scientist trying to bring his dead girlfriend back to life. With all the clues he has, he breaks into a facility to steal a spaceship and travel to a distant planet. The coherent, breathing world is rarely affected by parts that could have used a bit more polish. Fair gameplay (regular checkpoints), a good soundtrack, and no loading times round up a pretty solid action-adventure.

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Hello all.
I am new member here and nice to see people who love rpg games.
I can take some recommendations.
Finished I am Setsuna and YS Lacrimosa Of Dana recently. loved so much both game.
Now ı am planning to get a new game. Do you recommend anything? also ı will start lets go pikachu this week.



@tidus Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is my top pick for any RPG. Valkyria Chronicles is also a great pick, but it's more strategy than RPG.

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Hopefully this is the right place to post since I've been away from the boards for so long.

How is the game Figment I'm thinking of getting it from the eshop while it's on sale.

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