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I mean if they're still waiting to put Mario Maker on it (and the huge Mario Odyssey DLC is not happening it seems), this does make a lot of sense.

But I do hope it's just a port. We never need to go back to that era of Mario. Where they released three NSMB games in the span of one year. In the middle of the two 3D games that were also trying to be more like 2D Mario. Which meant five mainline Mario platformers in...two years. Like this would suck even if NSMB weren't the least interesting Mario platformers ever made.

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The only NSMB I haven't played is NSMB2 so if that was remade in HD I would be all over it.
Would be nice if the first one and the Wii game were on there in HD as well.

I already have NSBMU+Luigi on Wii U, so if that gets re-released its an easy skip. The other three DS/Wii/2 deserve a re-release more, because it would be their first time in shiny HD graphics. Obviously older games with new graphics are more exciting than a simple last-gen port that won't have many changes. Especially, since it's another Wii U game with features like the 5 player mode that wouldn't work on Switch with just one console. Will they cut this feature? Or will they make Download Play available for this mode to work at least with 2 Switch

My 2D Mario priority list for Switch (I would buy 1-5, skip 6):
1. a brand new 2D Mario game that isn't based on NSMB
2. "Super Mario Maker 2"
3. a new NSMB game, could be called "New Super Mario Bros. Switch" or "New Super Mario Bros. 3"
4. "New Super Mario All-Stars" (includes all 5 NSMB games in HD)
5. a HD remake of the first three NSMB games (preferably NSMB2 or a collection)
6. last and least, a port of NSMBU+Luigi

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More games on the Switch = good. I think Nintendo just wants another title with Mario's name on it for the console. Even though New Super Mario Bros U wasn't a system seller anyway. I really hope they package Luigi U with Mario Bros U if they have some sort of deluxe edition.



Well it is possibly the best 2d platformer ever made and it’s really approachable with a lot to offer a very wide range of different gamers.

Can’t help but say I’d rather see a NSMB All Stars compilation of all 4/5 games though. And it’s a shame if it delays the eventual port of 3D World (which is the Switchiest game to not yet have been ported)


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If they are, it would be nice if they produced a collection that includes the Wii game as well. They could even throw in the DS and 3DS games if they are feeling especially generous.

At this point in time, I would much rather have 3D World over New U.

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Silly_G wrote:

If they are, it would be nice if they produced a collection that includes the Wii game as well. They could even throw in the DS and 3DS games if they are feeling especially generous.

That's what they should do. It wouldn't take too much effort given that it's all the same art style and they have all the assets for the Wii U game.

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HobbitGamer wrote:

@Cobalt. I absolutely recognized the Nintendo I enjoy. This isn't some new practice.
Mario 64 > Mario 64 DS
Ocarina > Ocarina 3D
Luigi's Mansion > Luigi's Mansion 3D
Diddy Kong Racing > Diddy Kong Racing DS
Majora's Mask > Majora's Mask 3D

And it's not a practice unique to Nintendo. Look at other gaming companies putting out remakes and remasters. Heck, it can even be applied to the commercial sphere as a whole. Look at the music industry and how a record can come back over and over again: vinyl>CD>remastered CD>remastered CD again>SACD>DVD audio>digital files in different formats>streaming>remastered vinyl>remastered CD again>etc.

It's just how the business rolls. As long as people keep on buying the stuff, there will always be new editions of old material, maybe with some enhancements like a remixed song or a bonus track, or, for a video game, HD graphics or added stages.

And I don't mind, as long as there's care being put into the material. Obviously there's a demand. And it's not like there's nothing new being made. It's just that we love our classics.

As for the NSMB series, I loved the first game on DS. It was the first DS game I bought and one out of a handful that I got the most enjoyment out of. Now I haven't played any of the home console games and I understand that there's mixed opinions about them. But I wouldn't mind a deluxe version of some of them. At the same time I can understand that some people feel it's a lazy practice from Nintendo. So it might be, but you're not forced to buy it. Hopefully there will be a new game around the horizon as well.

But hey... You can't please 'em all. There will always be whiners.

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@Dezzy : And they can call it New Super Mario Bros. All Stars.


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Rather than a direct Port, I'd like to see a "best of NSMB" with a collection of the best levels from the entire NSMB line.

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Give me remakes of the original NES/SNES games with new HD graphics and watch the cash roll in.

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Here's an idea, give it away with the subscription service. You can call it a "special" big game to go with the NES games with a new "big game" every once in awhile.

Frankly, this game is not going to do those big Mario numbers, not at full price and probably not budget price. And you know when its get worse? When a Mario Maker sequel/port arrives and you can just play as many NSMB levels as you want or even remake most if not all the U levels.

May as well use it as a tool to REALLY hype up the subscription service. Even if kids don't want "rusty old NES games" for the millionth time, they can't say no to a not so old Mario game, onto of playing Mario Kart/Splatoon 2/Smash/Whatever online.



Grumblevolcano wrote:

@Angelic_Lapras_King Nah, it's 2D Mario. It'll at least sell more than Splatoon 2 without any help.

That I doubt. Japan loves Splatoon to death.

Heck, they gave away Super Mario Bros DX for everyone that first signed up for I believe the Nintendo ID program when it launched. May as well replace history online this time many sub money outta it.



@Angelic_Lapras_King Well Splatoon 2's future potential depends on how well the paid online subscription does. Switch versions of Wii U games in general outsell the Wii U versions and NSMBU isn't far off Splatoon 2's current numbers.

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Given the Wii U's complete and utter failure, and given the Switch's rising success, I would just go ahead and assume every single game from the Wii U library is coming over. There's really no reason not to bring them all. Can't think of a single reason it would be bad. They're much faster to bring over, they fill out the library, they're brand new games to 95% of console gamers (and thus can contribute as a system seller to sway those gamers to buy Switch now that these games are on a platform that's actually attractive), and they offer first ever portable versions and local-multiplayer-anywhere versions for those who did play them.

There's literally no logical reason to not bring every single Wii U game to Switch. Barring perhaps Splatoon, Mario Tennis Aces... and Smash Bros (since we have newer, better versions of each one containing most of the content from these games and so much more besides). And Amiibo Festival, and Mario Party 10. And NintendoLand and Game & Wario, which just won't work with one screen.

That still leaves NSMBU, NSLU, Xenoblade X, Starfox Zero and Guard (get rid of dual screen mechanics), Mario 3D World, Mario Maker (prob better to just make an expanded sequel), Paper Mario Color Splash, Zelda Windwaker and Twilight Princess HD, Pikmin 3, Yoshi's Wooly World (cause why not), Tokyo Mirage Sessions, and Kirby Rainbow Curse (hey, it was only playable on the gamepad, so it can be only playable in handheld mode, or better yet add motion for TV play!), and Wonderful 101.

And this game will be a particularly nice fit on Switch, given the multiplayer nature. Package in New Super Luigi U and that's one nicely rounded Mario package. And it's not even like it has to replace a new 2D Mario or Mario Maker (both of which I believe are on the way). Miamoto said they were done with the New style, and that the next one would go in a different direction, so we know they are working on something new. And Mario Maker is a given as well. Just because it's not coming now doesn't mean it's not coming. They have to space these releases over the course of five years. It's a marathon, not a sprint.

So ya, this is fantastic news. We need a 2D Mario game on the Switch to tide us over until a new one drops (sorry, but Super Mario Bros 3 ain't gonna cut it). This will do nicely.

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@Grumblevolcano Maybe, but I think its going to greatly depend on whatelse they put in. DKC TF had Funky Mode, Hyrule Warriors had all its DLC and a few BOTW outfits, it needs more that just the Luigi DLC, especially when over here you can put up the Wii U Disc bundle for under £20.

Then again, if add Waluigi, BOOM. Triple the sales. XD



@Angelic_Lapras_King You need a Wii U though for the Wii U version. Not needing a Wii U is the biggest advantage the Switch version would have.


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@Grumblevolcano Yes, but for those who still have their Wii Us, you're not going to get a whole lot of them rebuying....unless again, Waluigi. XD



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