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To be fair, those companies would be scared to release an actual non-open world single player game in the first place...

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Spoony_Tech wrote:

@TheLZdragon And then patched it for the next 6 months.

Oh Ubisoft...

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There are a lot of unfinished games being released lately from lots of different publishers. It honestly hurt all those games initial impression. I refuse to see Metroid be among those titles. Especially since the Metroid series hasn't been doing so great quality wise last few iterations. Luigi's Mansion and Pokémon are good enough for me.



They were trying to develop the game across several countries?

Who would think that's a good idea? I think that means they were probably trying to get some of the more basic assets made in poor countries where they can pay less.

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@Dezzy Thats not an unheard of method in the video gaming industry. Ubisoft and Rockstar both do this with Assassins Creed, Watch Dogs, The Division, GTA and RDR2 etc. These games are getting so big and require so many people to create them that it's no longer feasible to have a single team develop it. There is always going to be that one main developer such as Rockstar North whom oversee the whole development but utilising developer studios from across the world is pretty much standard now days with triple A games.




Yeah it makes sense with one of those massive games like Red Dead 2. They probably don't have enough building space to house the employees needed in just 1 location.

I wouldn't think Prime 4 would be anywhere near that size though. I'm thinking Red Dead 2 has like 1000 people working on it and Prime 4 is more like 100. Something like that.

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@Dezzy Without knowing exactly what the scope of Metroid Prime 4 was going to be, until/unless leaked footage begins to circulate, I wouldn't want to guess why Nintendo chose this method of development. Maybe they were looking towards a more open world gameplay, who knows.



RunGMhx wrote:

I know they said they’re restarting development, but any idea as to how long this could take?

If Retro is starting from scratch? Three years, minimum. I suppose it depends on the scope of the game. Breath of the Wild took five years to develop. If Retro keeps the same concept as the previous Prime games (open corridor/open area, not open world) then perhaps four years. Maybe.

If Retro intends to use any assets from what Bandai Namco developed? Maybe sooner. But I have doubts about anything outside of concept art or audio design being used in the restart.

Regardless, I intend to view MP4 as potentially the last great exclusive in the Switch's life cycle.

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I'm still slightly bummed about this news, but I'm glad that Retro Studios is now in charge of development...though that depends on how much of the original team(s) who worked on the first three games have stayed or can be wrangled up.

I appreciate their honesty about MP4's development. They could have just as easily canned the entire project. Like BotW, I'm okay with the delay as long as the final product is up to snuff.

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Given that no entry in the series has sold more than 3 million, I think we can guesstimate (lol that doesn't trigger google spellcheck) how big the scope will be. Probably vaguely similar to the original trilogy, just better graphics and new gameplay ideas.
I can't imagine they'll do something on the scale of Breath of the Wild when the series doesn't have that kind of sales potential.

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I must admit, I never really liked the idea of Bamco being involved with Metroid Prime 4. It has great pedigree, and well worth teaming up with for things like Smash and Pokken - but a first-person shooter and adventure? Always seemed an odd choice.

Retro has been so quiet for so long, I suspect it has been working on the Metroid Prime trilogy remaster/port for Switch - and this makes it an obvious choice to take over development for the next game.

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@Dezzy To be fair, those sales were on the GameCube, and the Wii (and I don't think the demographic, nor the marketing was there for 3). I'm certain it can sell at least 5 million on the Switch. Probably even more. There are a lot more Switch owners, and the demographic has changed over the years.



It was the right thing to do. We might be upset at the moment, but I bet all of us want the best Metroid game possible. Realizing that, it's easier to accept these news.

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I really, really hope that the game doesn't turn into another Mighty No. 9.

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@Octane Ah, you watched the DF Retro video, huh?

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Quarth wrote:

It was the right thing to do. We might be upset at the moment, but I bet all of us want the best Metroid game possible. Realizing that, it's easier to accept these news.

Agreed. It’s because Nintendo are willing to do things like this, that they usually produce such high quality games.

I’m hopeful it’ll be worth the wait!

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I'm looking forward to what Retro Studios is going to do with Prime 4, especially since this isn't the same team outside of name that worked on the original Prime Trilogy, but I'm also not as excited. This will follow Primes 1-3 closely as a guide and will likely feel more safe than ambitious, and so it puts my expectations in check as far as the game's design. My window for the game is November 2021-2022 to release depending on whether or not online multiplayer is pushed for Prime 4, and that expected release window gives it the longest development time of any Prime sequel. I'll probably believe that the game is having/has had development issues under Retro if it's late 2022 without online and definitely by 2023.

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One huge advantage of Retro now handling Prime 4 that I barely see much people bring up is that Retro has (presumably) the source code and old ideas for Prime 1-3. Imagine if we finally brought back Meta Kraid, who was cut from Prime 1 due to constraints. Imagine them finally deciding how to incorporate the Speed Booster in a Prime game. Etc.

A recurring theme of Nintendo lately was digging back to past ideas and refining it for modern day. Stuff like BotW calling back to Zelda 1 in design, Odyssey calling back to 64 and Sunshine, and Smash Ultimate taking cut concepts like Ditto (who was supposed to be in Melee) and the premise of World of Light (which was one of the initial proposals for Subspace Emissary) and putting it in the game officially.

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