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You'll all have seen our advertisements for new site writers, but we wanted to let you know the results and introduce you to the latest members of our Nintendo Life team. You'll already have seen some of their names attached to news articles, but a less formal introduction is in order, so here it comes.

Chris Buxton - cjbuxton
Trevor Hutchison - trev81uk
Karl Thomson - KarlThomson
Rebecca Gunn - RebeccaGunn (great usernames here, guys!)
Adam Russell - DarkLink
Luke Westaway - CapnKing.

I hope you'll all give them a warm welcome to the site and be generous and insightful with your feedback!


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Congrats guys! I'll be expecting some high quality stuff outta you!

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Welcome to the site! You should have ran while you had the chance. Now you're under the control of the evil dictator Daz just like the rest of us. May God help you! LOL.

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Congrats to all the new news (there's a mouthful) reporters! Just so you know, great things are expected of y'all.

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Yay for new Nintendo Life writers! I'm looking forward to seeing what you six can do. Good luck everyone!

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I look forward to the news-fest, yum!



Hi all,
Thanks for the warm welcome. I'll try not to disappoint you all too much!

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I once dated a girl named Rebecca Gunn.........or was it Jessica Cannon? Nevermind.

Welcome aboard!

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Poor unfortunate souls....



Just dont Suck!




Just dont Suck!

Why ATZF, i'm shocked at you. Surely they wouldn't have been brought aboard if they hadn't paid the exorbitant bribes Daz requires if they sucked... :3
'sup y'all, welcome to Nintendo Life

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future of NL >:3
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Welcome all! I can't wait to see the articles you all will be presenting.

Why have I not heard of any of you before? Very Very Suspicious.....

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Just let it happen.

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Welcome to Nintendo Life to all of the new site writers, six new members of the team is going to keep that 'News' stream flowing nicely, I look forward to reading your pieces, I have already checked out the new contributions so far. I have followed a few of you on Twitter too, those of you which I could find that is.
Good luck and enjoy it, everyone knows that behind ever bespectacled news reporter, is a telephone booth transforming, red underwear over pants wearing, superhero.

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Congatualtions to the new NL writer peeps, there were more of you than expected, is that due to the site growing or have some writers departed to another realm??

Nice to see another female on the team to balance things a little more, Macawlick would be thrilled were he still around.


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