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Topic: Thank you, Club Nintendo!

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I'm not sure exactly where to post this topic, but I figured it might be of interest to... someone. Sorry if it's not or if it's in the wrong place.

So anyway, a while back I had a bunch of surveys disappear from my Club Nintendo account. The thing is, I like to think/pretend that my surveys are actually useful to Nintendo (and who knows, maybe they are), which means I like to give honest and sometimes detailed answers, but if I haven't finished a game or at least played most of it then I can't really give an honest opinion about it. So these surveys disappeared mostly because I was busy and didn't get around to playing the games in question before they disappeared. Sure, it's my own fault for not logging in regularly enough, but some of the post-play surveys disappeared REALLY quickly, and a few of them I was pretty sure I still had time to complete them. What really made it annoying is that there are three product registration surveys that I never really meant to click on (two of them I changed my mind about, the other one I didn't really mean to click on but somehow did) waiting for me to finish that never go away. When the expiration date for one of them came up recently, I thought for sure it would go away because it's been there forever... but nope, it's still there.

So I sent a feedback email to Nintendo via their website saying that, if they're not going to give me the option to remove surveys I'll never do, then can't they at least put the year that the survey expires so I know when by when I need to finish the game? I was really nice about it, and even apologized for whining about such a small thing. I mean, yeah, I'm paying actual factual cash money for these games, but Club Nintendo is giving me free stuff for my time.
It's my own fault if I don't respond to the surveys in a timely manner. But I still wanted to say something to someone, so I sent that message. I got an email back saying to call them to resolve the issue, but since I live in Japan now and it's not THAT big of a deal, I decided that I had the closer I needed.

And then, today when I logged into my Club Nintendo account, and ALL of the surveys that expired (and there many more than I thought... I thought I was logging in pretty regularly, but apparently I missed a very short window for some of those things) are back. Thanks, Nintendo! It kind of seems like maybe my input actually does matter to them... so now I'm going to make sure I do every survey in a timely manner and make sure I'm honest and detailed in my descriptions, because it seems like Nintendo is listening.

Okay, end of story. Sorry I type a lot.

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Nintendo cared?
What world have you been living in.

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That's nice of nintendo, but since you are talking about CNJ I just got Tingle's balloon fight yesterday which is a japanese club nintendo reward, god only knows if I get another CNJ reward from ebay.

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Ah. :)
Man, I love Nintendo.

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Club Nintendo has always been odd about surveys. I've had surveys in my account long past when they were originally set to expire, and I was able to take them and get the coins no problem. I also could've sworn that I'd already taken some of those surveys, but whaddayagonnado, y'know? It's screwy.

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When Super Smash Bros was available, I got it, but it didn't go through. After a while i tried again, and now I had 2 codes, and had lost double the amount of coins. I emailed them about it, and I was refunded and the extra code deactivated.

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Overall, I've never had anything bad happen with my account. Expiration dates are correct and I get what I order right, whether it be a game or a real thing. But when I registered my 3DS, it let me take the quiz twice. Same for my sister. But I'm fine with 600 free coins, so no real complaints, yet.

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Oh yeah, I'm talking about Club Nintendo America, by the way. When I finally get around to buying a 3DS and/or WiiU, I'm probably going to have to buy the Japanese versions, so then I'll get to start an all-new Club Nintendo experience. Yay!




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That's actually really nice of Nintendo, I never heard of an instance of them doing something like that to fans actually before, haha.

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kurtasbestos wrote:

Thanks, Nintendo! It kind of seems like maybe my input actually does matter to them... so now I'm going to make sure I do every survey in a timely manner and make sure I'm honest and detailed in my descriptions, because it seems like Nintendo is listening.

You know, I honestly feel Nintendo listens to my feedback as well. The survey's always give you an opportunity to voice ANY thoughts you may have. In the past, I have suggested to Nintendo that they release certain games on VC. I'm not going to mention them all (Oracle of Ages/Seasons were two) but every single one I've mentioned eventually made it to Wii VC or 3DS eShop. Either Nintendo was planning on releasing these games already or they sincerely listened to my feedback gamers feedback.

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Back in the day, I had an issue with EA ripping me off. I got no where with them. I ended up calling Nintendo and they had EA call me, apologize, refund my money and send me a small gift. Nintendo is the last company left which I deal with that seems to care at all about their customers. I hope they don't lose that touch when the current people running the company retire.