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shingi_70 wrote:

Blah, Nintendo would time it for right when I would be going to work. Guess I'm going blackout mode till i'm able to get hone and watch it myself.

I know, I just made an appointment for tomorrow 2 hours ago, it'll be half over by the time I get back...

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Just give us information on the Virutal Console, please.



Last ND was supposed to focus on software "up to Spring 2014" and then they announced Hyrule Warriors and Rosalina for SSB and a bunch of other things. Suffice to say, don't get too hyped, but we're likely to get a taste of summer/autumn as well.

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mystman12 wrote:

Kirby Air Ride sequel! Make it happen Nintendo! (Yes, I'm going to guess this before every Nintendo Direct)

the only reason I don't think they'll announce it soon is because they want to focus on that other racing game coming out soon (by that I clearly mean 90s Arcade Racer!!11!)

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I'm hoping for some VC action, some new game announcements perhaps and definitely more info on upcoming games like X, Smash Bros and Bayonetta!

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Hey guys, do you think an 'Ice Climbers' game is possible?! 😁
(It would piss off so many people though.. xd)


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Player4 wrote:

Hey guys, do you think an 'Ice Climbers' game is possible?! 😁
(It would piss off so many people though.. xd)

Ice Climbers Heights, the Reboot to the Ice Climbers in a Kid Icarus Uprising fashion!!!!!
sudden hype
minutes later many players download the old Ice Climbers on VC and discover it wasn't good


it'd be so much fun!!!!!!

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Unca_Lz wrote:

Moorpheel wrote:

Release date for pokemon ban- wait no, that's already out.


No no no. Super Mario's Mask in Hoenn 3

Hy8ogen wrote:

If there is no info on Bayo 2 or Monolith X, I am going to rage.....HARD.

Prepare to rage then?

Oh you bet I'm. I already stuffed 2lbs of TNT in my underpants. If they don't announce anything about X or Bayo 2 I'm going to detonate it.

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Peach64 wrote:

MrGawain wrote:

I think it was a matter of letting all the bad news come out first, and then cheering everyone up with some good news, which is better than the other way around.

Possibly, but tomorrow is NPD day. In fact, numbers will start coming through right about the time this is on. Maybe it's a distraction.

I wonder if Europe will get one at an earlier time.

If that's case, then hopefully the numbers are so bad that they'll distract us with:

  • Kirby Triple Deluxe EU/NA Release Dates
  • MK8 Release Date + bundle announced
  • More info on Disney Magical World, Bayonetta 2, X, and Tomodachi Collection
  • GBA VC debut next week
  • Dreamcast VC debut next week
  • SMB3 for NA
  • Pokemon Stadium Wii U

.... ok, I take back SMB3. That's never happening.

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11pm CET? 10PM UK time?

Do these people not realise that most of the population has school/work/college/university/other things to get up for on Friday? Or does this generation just call in a sick day every time some sort of news comes up?

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@CM30: I think the audiences is more aimed at young kids rather than work or college people.

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Super_Gravy wrote:

@CM30: I think the audiences is more aimed at young kids rather than work or college people.

Looking at this time.. I don't think this Direct is aimed directly to kids. What kid is up at 10pm or 11pm? At last no in my family or ppl that I know.
If anything it is aimed for adults.
This time is weird though. I don't know.. :3



I have to say, this Nintendo Direct couldn't come at a better time... It PERFECTLY coincides with my talk show episode that airs tomorrow... It's like me and Nintendo had it ALLLLLL planned out... Keep an eye out, it's like I correctly predicted a Nintendo Direct, hehe

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I wondered Nintendo have some news to rush out for us or something. I mean they could of announce it earlier or at least announce it going be next week or something. Is this Nintendo direct going be very big news or something?

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Hype Train!


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We will see Mr. Iwata

We will see Regie.

We will here them talk

We will watch some game footage

I may be wrong though.

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@SofaKing: I don't know dude. I think you are pretty much spot on. But again I may be wrong as well.

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The Next Level Games tweet might refer to the rumored Luigis Mansion 2 HD



Finally! 5 PM Eastern is a great time for me.

My predictions:
1. Western release dates for Kirby: Triple Deluxe
2. More details on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze to whet the appetite for release
3. More details on Yoshi's New Island
4. More details on Mario Kart 8
5. Next Level's new game is from a sequel to a previous series they've done (Mario Strikers or Punch-Out!!)



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