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Thank you, @Scarhino89 , haver of awesome avatars and overall nice guy! You're on my list too!

Let's attack aggressively, kupo! :D

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FonistofCruxis wrote:

Tasuki wrote:

undead_terror wrote:

So what did zezhyrule do to get banned?

Maybe it was a self ban? I know some users ask to be banned when real life gets hectic for them and they need a break from NL.

I know that he has self banned himself in the past but I don't think it was a self ban as I asked him what it was for a while ago on backloggery and he said he didn't know but he later told me that he found out but he didn't say what it was for which is understandable.

I'm 99% certain I know why. I'm not sure if I should say what it was though, both for fear of getting banned myself and it might be kinda unfair to zez too.

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KnightRider666 is now my favorite poster. Just his one comment about Pachter made me laugh out loud.

Other favorite users

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CapnPancakes wrote:

Overused quote.img

Seriously, you were mentioned quite a bit a few posts back. :/

Onikato wrote:

Have to admit that I came to respect many of members who've joined within the year span and have managed to stay away from eternal BANation. On top of my head:
Just to name those I remember in great detail.

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Still on my list though.

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CapnPancakes wrote:


Chrono_Cross wrote:

Let's brainstorm...

Emaan - You're my favorite user, lol
K.K. Slider - your CAP lock spam is majestic
Mickeymac - Wherever you are
Aviator - Our love for Metal Gear Solid is unparalleled
Retro on theGo

I could honestly list on and on why you're all my favorites, but I'm not the gooshy type, lol.

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Just for you.
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3Dash wrote:

Alright, time for my updated list, since I have some new friends here...
Here we go, in no particular order.


...and a lot of other people I'm forgetting. Seriously, all of you guys are great.

Edited, but you were already on the list.

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That's all I can remember at this time. I'll add more when I get the chance.

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My newest fav user is CapnPancakes!!
Now that you are my fav user, I have to eat you, so no one else can have you >:[

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@thelastlemming Thanks, although I don't know what's so special about my comments!

@Scarhino89 Thanks also!

@everyoneelse I would try to put together a list, but I'd feel bad for leaving some people out. In reality, I like a lot of you guys and find a lot of your posts to be interesting!

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