Topic: Your favorite Nintendo Life user?

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CapnPancakes wrote:


Chrono_Cross wrote:

Let's brainstorm...

Emaan - You're my favorite user, lol
K.K. Slider - your CAP lock spam is majestic
Mickeymac - Wherever you are
Aviator - Our love for Metal Gear Solid is unparalleled
Retro on theGo

I could honestly list on and on why you're all my favorites, but I'm not the gooshy type, lol.

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Just for you.
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3Dash wrote:

Alright, time for my updated list, since I have some new friends here...
Here we go, in no particular order.


...and a lot of other people I'm forgetting. Seriously, all of you guys are great.

Edited, but you were already on the list.

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That's all I can remember at this time. I'll add more when I get the chance.

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MERG said:

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My newest fav user is CapnPancakes!!
Now that you are my fav user, I have to eat you, so no one else can have you >:[

For you, the day LordJumpMad graced your threads, was the most important day of your life. But for me, it was Tuesday.



@thelastlemming Thanks, although I don't know what's so special about my comments!

@Scarhino89 Thanks also!

@everyoneelse I would try to put together a list, but I'd feel bad for leaving some people out. In reality, I like a lot of you guys and find a lot of your posts to be interesting!

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Off the top of my head (retro gamers get an extra life in my book) :
@Waveboy (if I had a brother it would be this guy)
@Tasuki (same as above, but he would be the older one)
@Ogo79 (if I had a lover it would be this guy)
@RetroBrony (nicest dude on the ‘net)
@Retro_on_thego (we may disagree on portable vs. home console but he is a retro fan who knows what the really good games are)
@FlutterShyGuy (stop being so shy and start posting around here again)
@CanisWolfred (man’s opinion I always respect)
@theblackdragon (best Internet moderator ever and if you got a question or video game need, bam, there you go)
@the_shpydar (love shpy’s zippy one liners, another retro game fan)
@Chrono_Cross (seriously, does anybody have a shorter fuse than this guy? )
@kkslider (funny dude, half the time I don’t get the references but they sound good anyway)
@Emaan (2nd nicest guy on the Net behind RetroBrony)
@LordJumpMad (best troller I have ever seen)
@MadAussieBloke (this dude is way out in left field, he’s like the crazy uncle )
@CapnPancakez (solid commenter that always makes me wish I did not skip out on breakfast)
@Tech101 (great for a change of pace in the sports threads on Nintendo life)
@Mr.Trill (someone needs to keep it Trill)
@SeanAaron (guy is a little older like me and I appreciate his opinions in the Wii U area)
@Rorylee (same as above)
@everyone else who is cool and has fun at this site

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Anyone that dislikes JumpMad is my favorite user

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No clue who anyone is on this site. I mainly stick to VGC but I am taking a break from there. Perhaps I might become a little more active on the forums over here. I mainly just post on the news articles here. I first started visiting this site when it used to be vc-reviews or whatever the old name was... So hopefully I'll meet some cool people over here but I am more involved in the Nintendo community on VGC than here.

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LordLzGlad wrote:

Anyone that dislikes JumpMad is my favorite user

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I like just about everybody here, but @SheldonRandoms has been making me laugh a lot recently, so he's probably my favourite at the moment

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