Topic: What video game(s) (if any) scared you when you were little?

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Back when Ocarina of Time was still new, I could not play parts of it at night.



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Aqueous wrote:

One was this lovely thing from Wario Land 3

his name is rudy,hes also in dr.mario 64

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@undead_terror - Thank you, I never knew Rudy was it's name or that he was in another game.

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Bowser's evil laugh that plays in Mario 64 when you approach a door that you don't have enough stars for. I was at family's house in another country (America was another country for me at the time) and I didn't want to come back upstairs for a while after hearing that.


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My sister and I would get scared if we went into the church in A Link to the Past. Also the castle music in Super Mario Bros 3 on the SNES scared us.

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wind waker and oot

rededs and the creepy guy in the well



I've documented these before elsewhere. I wasn't expecting Medusa to be so BIG at the end of Kid Icarus NES. In Zelda II, nor was I expecting the giant Bot to drop out of nowhere in the Great Palace. In The Legend of Zelda, I was afraid to face Ganon, expecting him to be huge and gruesome, but that was pretty much a case of him being built up in my mind (in large part thanks to that glorious instruction booklet).

There's another game for the Atari 2600 I can't remember the name of that scared me (if anyone knows what it is, I'd love to know). The game involves climbing a mountain looking for treasure (best I can remember, I probably haven't played it in like 27-28 years). I remember "In the Hall of the Mountain King" plays throughout the game. Anyway, if you fall to the bottom of the mountain, there is a giant spider that randomly appears. It hardly looked like a spider (remember this is Atari 2600), but it still looked scary. First time it passed you, it'd wrap you in a web. If you couldn't break free and got you again, it ate you.

Also, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons for Intellivision. Like the bosses when you're a room away from them in TLoZ, you could hear this ominous breathing when you were close to a dragon or other monster. Really unnerving approaching a room and not knowing if a dragon is going to pounce you!

Oh, I think I read Doom 64 mentioned here. Even though I was like 20 when I first played it, the atmosphere, colors, lighting, music, etc. made it pretty scary in some spots!

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RevolverLink wrote:

Back when Ocarina of Time was still new, I could not play parts of it at night.



I still waste every single explosive I have before getting near these hands. And even then I take some time to breathe before getting near them.

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Giant baby bowser from SuperMario world 2:Yoshi's island and Mortal kombat. 0.0



The ghosts from Hype the Time Quest.



When I was little? Ha! Im 21 now and I almost cried in resident evil 4.

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SaviorOfSociety wrote:

The House of The Dead; that game was ridiculous but terrifying to me when I was little.


I love that game! It has the most cheesy lines ever. But my favorite one is the part when the vampire-flying boss says, " Suffer like G did?"

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I've never been full-on scared by a game, but parts of Ocarina of TIme did unnerve me when I was young (mostly the dungeons and those good ol' Redeads).

Majora's Mask also made my skin crawl at times - but in a good way. I just loved the atmosphere of that game!

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The intro of Jurassic Park on the Genesis. That was a scary game if you played as Grant.

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Wario Land 4. When your little, Spoiled Rotten scares the living daylights out of you. I never got past that. I just played Wario's Hop in the MIni-Game Shop over and over again

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WingedFish wrote:

Believe or not, for me it was the original PC (not the oldest one but the second oldest that wasn't number two) Oregon Trail. That game scared me HALF-TO DEATH when I was little. I was always scared out of my mind that the wagon was going to catch fire (the music that played only for that event gave me nightmares). And the bad events in general with the "da, dun dun" theme kept me from playing it with the sound on most of the time. Then there were the pictures... One image that stuck in my mind the most was the bad event when one of your oxen died. One would think that I would be more traumatized when a person died, but they tended to drop like flies anyway. And at least the actual body of the person was not shown. Although the sick event image did scar me as well. I don't know why, but a lot of things from that game just made my skin crawl. Yeah, the things that scar you when you were a kid...

AH! I made an account on this site just to tell you that you are not alone. I absolutely cannot handle playing that game. It was my biggest fear as a kid. I have no idea why. but, to this day, even as a 19 year old fully grown black male, that game still makes me want to cry. I don't think I will ever understand, but wow. That game is just CREEPY.



When I was little... uhh... hehe... Kingdom Hearts... I hated when the soldier enemies come out of nowhere and they always startled me... yeah, I was such a baby.


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