Topic: What video game(s) (if any) scared you when you were little?

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When I was really little: Hunt the Wumpus on the TI-99/4A. I couldn't play it much, because every time I made the mistake of running into the Wumpus it would freak me out so much I'd collapse, and then that would be it for Hunt the Wumpus for the day. Actually, I still don't know if I'd want to play it.

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Super Mario 64 DS,dem spiders,and fish's are so scary,still scares be now.

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Jet Set Radio Future and Rocket Power, anything that had robots scared me o-o

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The PS1 Tomb Raider III. There's this one part where a boulder comes down and I didn't know how to avoid it. Also, it was the first "realistic" game I played where it wasn't colorful and happy all the time. I was used to playing Crash Bandicoot and the AkuAku mask was comforting in the "scarier" stages, but in Tomb Raider, you were all alone.

Also Resident Evil 1. It was the first Zombie game I ever heard of and the thought frightened me.

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I'm not little anymore, but the game "Slender" SCARES THE [CENSORED] OUT OF ME.
Look up a lets play on youTube, PewDiePie plays it and he gives you the download link
But seriously, Slender is the scariest game ever, especially if you play at night.

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While I'm not sure you'd call 12 or so "little", but Dead Space 2 scared the crud out of me. All of it was just scary. Especially those exploding babies.



I wasn't little back when I first played it, but the SA-X sections of Metroid Fusion used to give me the creeps.

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Super Metroids boss battles, especially mother brain.
Now one of my favourite games of all time.



Bobhobob wrote:

I'm not little anymore, but the game "Slender" SCARES THE [CENSORED] OUT OF ME.
Look up a lets play on youTube, PewDiePie plays it and he gives you the download link
But seriously, Slender is the scariest game ever, especially if you play at night.

I saw Cr1tikal play it, and it really really didn't look that scary. Maybe it was because I was laughing so much from his commentary, but I doubt it.


None not that I'm particularly brave or anything just that this would have been the 8 bit to 16 bit era's and I think they did horror much better later on.



Octopuses in Banjo-Tooie (Jolly Roger's Lagoon). I got past them with my eyes closed.

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That one fat portrait ghost in luigi's mansion used to creep the heck out of me because I couldn't figure out what to do to it... On my second playthrough, I figured out you needed to steal his spongecake thing though. Then I flipped out

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The evil guy from pokemon colluseum, unbelievable thing to be scared of i know but he was creepy. also luigi's mansion made me jump a bit and some of sm64 was really creepy at the time. despite this, i played a zombie game which was an 18 (i didnt realise) when i was about 7 and was fine with it -_-


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That would be Super Metroid for me as a kid. The atmospheric music alone freaked me out. Some of the bosses didn't help either.

Even though I'm not terrified of the game anymore, I still find it surprising that even when I was scared of the game, I loved it enough to continue on and manage to beat it. I don't remember the exact time, but I think it took me 2 or 3 years to beat it for the first time. By the way, the "scariness" was not the only reason why it took me so long to beat it. Getting lost and trying to figure out what to do was the most to blame for it.

Such fond memories...

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I had two, but eventually I got past them.

One was this lovely thing from Wario Land 3
I'm scared of clowns, never was but going through an entire game that you can't die in, only to run into a boss that not only required you to use a few powers at once but also could kill you. Combined with the music and the difficulty of the fight, terrified me. Also it was the first time I ever encountered a helpful character tricking me.

The second was this,
I got over it after a while of miserable failing attempts and lots of deaths. Now the entire game is easy and most other Zeldas.

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The House of The Dead; that game was ridiculous but terrifying to me when I was little.



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