Topic: What is your current favorite TV show?

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Breaking Bad, because who doesn't watch that?
I also saw an episode of Bob's Burgers last night, and I need to watch more of it. It's hilarious!

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I rarely watch TV anymore, but when i do i watch new eps' of Supernatural, Dexter(Season 5 & 6 have been pretty mediocre, not to mention
3) and Breaking Bad. I'm more of a cartoon freak, but there hasn't been much these days that have cought my eye aside from Adventure Time and Sponge Bob Then again, i don't get the Cartoon Network or Toonami, so i'm clearly missing out. sigh*

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Is toonami a channel now? I just remember it being on CN...

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Adventure Time.It's full of surprises and is more complicated and dark than it looks.

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South Park
The Walking Dead
True Blood

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Happy_Mask wrote:

Is toonami a channel now? I just remember it being on CN...

Adult Swim revived it earlier this year, so it's on AS Saturday nights.

Currently, it has a mixture of anime premiers (Bleach, Samurai 7, Casshern Sins, Eureka 7), recent CN action shows (Sym-Bionic Titan & the Thundercats reboot) to give it that old Toonami vibe (even though it's on AS), and ends out with reruns of other anime in AS' backlog (FMA:B, GitS, & Cowboy Bebop).

Of course, being part of AS, the anime is much less edited than it used to be.

It all started as an April Fool's joke (as it would have been Toonami's 15th anniversary). AS got the rights to show a bunch of Classic Toonami shows for one night only (DBZ, Tenchi Muyo, Outlaw Star, Gundam Wing, ect), but the fan reaction was so strong that they officially revived the block the next month, mixing in their current anime with some new ones, and it's been growing ever since.


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I really loved Toonami back in the day when it ran everyday in the afternoons. Gundam WIng, Ronin Warriors, Thundercats (original), Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Outlaw Star, Rurouni Kenshin, ReBoot and others I can't remember. Gave me something to look forward to after school. (Probably a reason I didn't do my homework haha)



Favorite Show ever : Chuck. no doubt.

The only other thing I'm really watching now is Impractical Jokers for a laugh...

Nothing is really quite the same as Chuck.

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Definitely Psych from USA. It manages to be a crime solving/mystery show, but takes it to another level with the humor. I never fail to get a laugh rewatching episodes and it's just a fun show. Now if only I can survive until Febuary 27 when season 7 starts!

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