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X6 was just irritating to the Cut man core.
Hated that game...That big armored dude that practically seemed invincable was a massive pain to take down. Forgot his name, but it was just ridiuclous. X6 is the hardest of the x series by a mile.

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I've never been able to get into any of the X games after 3. I've tried but I just never enjoyed them. They just seemed twice as frustrating with half of the fun.

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Mega Man X4 is the easiest Mega Man game after MM5, IMO. I think only the sub-bosses ever gave me a lot of trouble, and there are only 4 of those. Last time I played it was when I was out of practice with the series, too, and I still didn't think it was that hard.

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old school mega man will always be best...

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megaman zero series is super awsome zero is my faovrite character



Mr_Trill3506 wrote:

old school mega man will always be best...

I don't care. His design is too simple. X just added onto it. He actually looked good in the Zero series, with the redesign and all.

Don't even get me started on the ZX/A designs......

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i love orignal megaman series
i love megman x series(i love zero)
i love megman zero series
i love megaman & bass
i love megman x command misssion
i love megaman legends
megman star force was decent
megaman battle network was just horrible in my opinion some of you might of liked it
megaman ZX i love that to

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The Starforce ones always looked really lame to me. Just makes him look like a toy. The Battle Network designs aren't much better, either. Most of the X games have good designs, though, but my favorite is from Mega Man ZX:

Followed closely be the Zero series, of course. They're always beautiful, and Copy X is especially impressive.

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Art style? The classic Mega Man of course IMO. I've been reading the comics and they look amazing. But i'm like a newbie fan, haven't really played much of the other series.....

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Retro_on_theGo wrote:

Great, not I'm reminded I still want to see x9 someday.

Indeed! The Axl cliffhanger just NEEDS to be explained someday!

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Maybe it's just because X7 was so terrible, but I really despise Axl for some reason. Zero of course is the best character in the series and I actually like playing as him in X5 and X6 more than Mega Man X. But after finishing X6 I have come to the conclusion that the only enjoyable way to play the game is to use Black Zero. Normally I never use cheats or things like that at all but this game made me and to top it all off it had THE easiest Sigma battle ever.

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