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Sleepingmudkip wrote:

Its the 29...

Thats a good thing. Originally the game's release date was in Pokemon X and Y's shadow. I'm glad Nintendo or Sega or whoever the heck decided to push it back and give it its own spotlight.

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MrWalkieTalkie wrote:

And not to mention, DLC!
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It should be noted the Sonic Omochao is obtainable from GameStop in NA, while the 25 lives is obtainable from in NA.

Meanwhile, the Golden Omochao and 5 Black Bomb Color Powers are obtainable from UK retailer ShopTo.

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Do you guiys think that the "Deadly Six Edition" will be like the Sonic Kart Transformed "Bonus Edition"...where even after a year it's still the only edition available (abundantly available, might I add)? Because I'd like to get it in January or whatever, but I do want that NiGHTS-themed level...

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Would kill Sega to gives us the Choa Garden back. I never heard of anyone disliking it.
It was the only thing enjoyable about Sonic Adventure, there I said it.

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The Zelda DLC is coming tomorrow.

  • Available for free
  • Called “The Legend of Zelda Zone”
  • Mini-adventure
  • Departure from the fast pace of Sonic Lost World
  • Sonic is decked out in Link’s green tunic
  • Hyrule Castle in the background comes from Twilight Princess
  • Stalfos are from Ocarina of Time
  • Link rides by on a Loftwing from Skyward Sword at one point
  • Sonic can explore a miniature dungeon
  • Heart containers, other surprises
  • Hyrule field is an open area
  • Dungeon is more straightforward
  • The tube-like design resembles the speedy stages we’ve played in Sonic Lost World
  • It all funnels into a few large rooms, and it’s lined with rows of rupees to collect and rolling Gorons to avoid
  • Rupees you earn are converted into freed animals at the end of the stage
  • No time limitations
  • Can run around, explore, complete small challenges in any order
  • Rings are noticeably absent and replaced by a heart meter
  • Sonic doesn’t wield a Master Sword or Hylian Shield
  • Uses same abilities from Lost World

This link has two videos.


@Destinyman You serious? Tomorrow?

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I'm not watching any of those videos!

I can just play it myself tomorrow. Glad it's not reskinned boss vignettes like Nightmare Zone. (You missed nothing if you didn't get the Deadly Six Bonus Edition.)


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