Topic: Question of the Day II: #511: What 2014 release are you looking most forward too?

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Well since OrdonianLink will not be returning anytime soon (I wont get into it here so don't ask), I was told by him that if I wanted to I could give it a try. So since it will be easier for me to edit the title if I created a thread I figure the original can be locked and we will pick it up here.

So here we go I hope you guys enjoy it.


You have just won a trip to anywhere in the world. So where is it you would go and why?

Me I would go to Japan. Just something about the culture that I love. I would love to see where anime came from try their food, even see the museums and such about their history. I know probably will be the most common answer here on the site but Japan has always fascinated me.

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Probably South Korea or Finland. South Korea because I think the country in general is really unique and I have friends over there. Finland because I have ancestry there, I have family there, and I have friends there. It would be cool to go to Russia or China, but I don't trust their governments..

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I'd go to Narnia.

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New York. I love that place so much, I was born there. Every single day there is something for you to do. Sure at day time its kind of dull. But at night, it's amazing. Bursting with lights, seeing amazingly tall buildings, shops nearly everywhere...tons of activity's to see and do...I miss it already.

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Anywhere but New York. I hate that place so much.

I guess if I had to be more specific it would be Japan. I love the culture and once had so many places I wanted to visit, though I'd have to figure out what those were.

Possibly Toronto, but I've already been there once. Maybe even Pittsburgh so I could go to a certain con (Though I'm not big on cons, so maybe not...).

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Galapagos! The wildlife and the land itself have always had a hook on me. It'll probably be a long time before I actually go, but I'm grateful to at least have seen the tortoises at the San Diego Zoo, which was thoroughly awesome!



I would love to go to Japan just like the reasons stated above, I would love to learn more about the culture and history, I also can't forget about sight seeing, If I didn't go to Japan then I maybe would like to go to Africa or Europe somewhere.

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I'd want to try visiting Anchorage, Alaska. I'm getting so sick of my tropical climate here

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The UK and the Ukraine, I get most of my gorgeous looks from my grandpa who hailed from there, and it would be nice to see family I've never seen. Even if I don't speak any language relevant to them.

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Japan, experiencing the culture would be neat. It would be cool to see them and their entertainment firsthand. They have a pretty neat history with the Samurai and Ninja. (Thanks a lot for picking this back up @Tasuki, I enjoy the question of the day.)

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I guess I'd go to Walt Disney World... but that's coming from the guy who's username is Mickey so you'd expect that.

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Great answers everyone.

@Jaz007: Np I will admit that this was my favorite thread on this site. I will say and its the truth that I do enjoy reading everyone's answers which is why I enjoy this thread so much.

I will try to update the question daily but I will admit it wont be a set time. I might update the question from my phone when I am at work so if the questions dont change in the morning dont fear.

@Mickey: Just be careful there man. A guy who looks like Lex Luthor wont want to run into those Avenger type people there. .

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@undead_terror: I did think about that and all I will say is just wait and your question will be answered.

Also just to let you know I do have a backlog account which is in my sig and a fair warning I don't go there too often so please dont send me questions there for now anyways. I don't want to upset anyone cause I didn't check my backlog for a week which is pretty often.

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Ireland would be very nice to see, but I can't really say I know too much about it, I just have a close friend who's really wanted to visit and has told me things about it. So, ideally, I would go with them. Italy would be really great, they've always been a favorite of mine. I'd like to go to Chile as well, I did a report on it for my Spanish class (thus, I'm learning Spanish, so it would be easier to communicate) and it seems like a fun place to be. Traveling around the world is something I've always wanted to do, so honorable mentions would be (of course ideally if some of these countries didnt have political problems at the moment) Germany, Brazil, Egypt, Greece, Japan, Great Britain, and Scotland.

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I would go to Toronto, Canada. It looks like a awesome place.

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