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Topic: How Long Do You Stay Up?

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41. Posted:

Now that it's Summer.
I usually find myself up until around 3 AM.

Yeah I should probably get my sleeping schedule together o:

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I need more sleep than I would like.

I work 9ish to 6ish, so I usually aim to be in bed by 11pm at the latest - anything later and I'm struggling at work the next day.

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4-8 a.m. to 8-12 p.m. No matter when I go to sleep, I always sleep for 8 hours.

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44. Posted:

Up until recently I was asleep by 10:30-11, but now I typically fall asleep around 1 am, give or take.

is rly good

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@bobhobob your avatar is perfect for this thread :D


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You guys really need to get some sleep. :P

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47. Posted:

Lately I haven't been very good about going to bed early enough; I've usually been staying up until around 4 or 5 in the morning, not waking up until around 3 in the afternoon.

It's not that there's anything wrong with it, I just feel, whenever I wake up after 10:00 or so, that I wasted a day, mostly because I wake up so late I can't really go out and do anything. That's what I hate about summer. With nothing to have to get up for every day, I find myself going into a cycle of waking up really late, doing nothing because it's so late, and then falling asleep late, only to have it happen again the next day.

But what can you do? ):




48. Posted:

Normally Go to sleep around 2-3 AM but the longest I have ever stayed up was about two days, and after I slept the entire day......It was my 16th birthday.

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Depending on how busy my day is, I like to hop into bed at around 10-11 and then game on my 3DS until 12-1 depending on how good the game is. It's nice unwind time, especially when things get busy and I can't play in daylight hours, but it's probably bad for my eyesight :( On weekends I get up at 8-9, and on weekdays I get up at 6.

Ever since my final year of high school, where I stayed up until 3 each night in the months leading up to finals working on my exams, my patterns have never been quite the same. It's a shame, really :p

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50. Posted:

Usually, I get to bed around 10 pm or so, but I've had to start moving that back because of a technology camp I'm going to.

Monday night, I literally went to bed around 10 pm and didn't fall asleep until 2 am, so I only got about 6 hours of sleep.

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51. Posted:

It varies. I usually get up at 9:00 AM this summer though.

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52. Posted:

Since it's summer I stay up until 11:00PM.

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53. Posted:

During summer I usually crash at around 2-3am
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54. Posted:

I always say I'm going to go to bed early (early being 10 or 11 PM) then I usually start getting into some game and next thing you know its like 2 AM.

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55. Posted:

I just have trouble sleeping lately. I lay awake for hours just thinking...
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56. Posted:

oh ash is so dreamy...

I usually stay up until 3-4am
I have to because I work such long hours and I wouldn't be able to play video games if I went to sleep...

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57. Posted:

I've been going to sleep at 3:45 am and then sleeping until 1:15 pm on average.

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ahh my sleep schedule has been all out of wack ever since i quit my job (it was starting to get messed up a little before i quit). So lately I'll usually stay up until around 5 AM at least, sometime I'll stay up til 7-8 AM and then other time's if I've stayed up all night then I'll just bite the bullet and stay up the whole day in which case I'll usually end up falling asleep around 9-10 PM. So yes, as of late i've definitely become a night owl lol


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59. Posted:

About 3-4 in the morning. Usually work or school has me waking up anywhere between 7-9, so I never get much sleep. I never really require much sleep to begin with, and I function just fine. Sometimes, I actually feel more tired when I sleep more.

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60. Posted:

@MrWalkieTalkie Haha... that's me too.

I used to be terribly nocturnal, usually sleeping at 4-5 AM whenever my schedule the next day permitted it... often even when it didn't. I was a bit depressed and didn't want days to end — night was always the most peaceful time of the day. But nowadays I'm better off and can manage a more normal bedtime (11 PM - 12 AM) without dreading the morning. That is, beyond the occasional bouts of Metapod insomnia.