Topic: Favourite Video Game Music Track?

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Sonic Adventure 2 - Aquatic Mine (This soundtrack is just like fine wine, can't get enough of it!)
Children of Mana - Tower of the Flickering Prayer
Wario's Woods - Round Game (Can't wait to put this in the R5!)
Knuckles Chaotix - Evening Star

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HotD: Overkill OST - House of the Dead - Rapid Fire Funk

Top Gear SNES - Intro or track 1

MSR - Come on Baby!

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Nintenjoe64 wrote:

HotD: Overkill OST - House of the Dead - Rapid Fire Funk

Top Gear SNES - Intro or track 1

MSR - Come on Baby!

Top Gear had a SNES game?
Wow, you learn something new everyday.

Is this the same BBC Top Gear, yeah?

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Guilty Gear XRD - Ride the Fire (Dragon Install) - Can't go wrong with Ishiwatari, the God of Rock!
Ar Tonelico II - EXEC./HIBERNATION - Probably the only song that brought me that close to tears!
Xenoblade Chronicles - Those Who Bear Their Names - Plain epic, nuff said!
Metal Gear Rising Revengeance - The Only Thing I Know For Real - Damn, those lyrics!
Yoshi's Island - Big Bowser - The most metal song in the history of SNES!

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<insert title of hyped game here>

Check some instrumental Metal: CROW'SCLAW | IRON ATTACK! | warinside/BLANKFIELD | Jonny Atma/GaMetal


Xenoblade X: Suvvya (RANGE/DMG/TP)

MANE6 is back, and it's GLORIOUS!

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My favorite is probably The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker but to be fair all the Zelda series have fantastic soundtracks.

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Corridor of time from Chrono trigger on the 12,000 b.c. time period (sorry but that song is slammin!) Also Spring yard zone from Sonic the hedgehog 1

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Heart of fire from Castlevania Aria of sorrow gba is also a great track

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Hey maelstrom! Can I get a copy? I love chrono trigger's music!

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Andremario wrote:

Hey maelstrom! Can I get a copy? I love chrono trigger's music!

My arrangement's aren't that good yet, and it will take a while. Most of them are just sheetmusic that best represents the song, instead of a re-interpretation. There is one already on the ninsheet site, but I looked at it and thought I could do better than that
If you want some quality sheet music, look here and scroll down to chrono trigger. Don't bother with the .mus files, but windows media player plays the midis and you can look at the sheet music.

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@maelstrom: Some of those pieces were good! Thanks! I especially like the battle theme.

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Do we really need to have a thread on this? We all know that the Super Mario Bros theme song is the best.

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UPDATE: Bowser just ate some cake and it was yummy


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