Topic: Favourite Video Game Music Track?

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Well that's a difficult question. So many games have awesome music, but Delfino Plaza has always been one of my top favorites!

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got to love a track like this in a beat em up.

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So many good songs/soundtracks, but if I HAD to choose just one it'd be:

Baten Kaitos: Gentle Wind

To me, it takes such a simple concept/idea and makes it one of the most poetic things I've ever heard. It's the simple things that make if phenomenal too; they don't even mute the sound of fingers sliding down the guitar frets...genius. And don't think I didn't consider Chrono Cross for similar reasons...but this track just feels special to me.

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To many to pick just one so I'll do these 3 from some Sonic games.
Sonic Unleashed-Jungle Joyride Night-So Beautiful.

Sonic Adventue/DX-Red Mountain 2- It's awesome, simple.

Sonic Adventure 2/Battle-Dive Into the Mellow/Aquatic Mine- I wish there was more songs like this in future sonic games.

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Kingdom Hearts 2

  • Twilight Thorn
  • Roxas' Theme (Full version)
  • Final Battle

Sonic CD

  • Sonic Boom

Sonic '06

  • Wave Ocean ( by the water)
  • His World



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Outzone Pump them with bullets

Amazing game with amazing soundtrack highly worth checking out if you like shmups.



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