Topic: Do you drink alcohol?

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Machu wrote:

Magi wrote:

I don't drink. never have. never will. I can also not understand the people who get all drunk and think it's/they're cool. HAR HAR LOOK AT ME I'M DRUNK HAR HAR. dumbass!

At least they have an excuse for being a dumbass, what's yours? :)

It's in my genes

(or maybe it's in my jeans!)

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warioswoods wrote:

AlexSays wrote:

I'm the same way though, the only alcohol I take in is from little German chocolates.

Many years ago during a summer in Germany I watched an unusual classmate attempt to get drunk off of those little chocolates. Needless to say, he ended up feeling quite sick from all the sugar before he ever reached intoxication. (On a morose note: that kid collapsed and died in the middle of the day a couple weeks later, rather inexplicably from an unknown heart condition, but that had nothing to do with the chocolates.)

Wow, that's crazy that the kid died. D: Anyway, I'd like to point out that other things mix better with chocolate- namely THC and shrooms. :P I had some killer chocolates last weekend and WOW. It was a spiritual journey, to say the least.

And yes, I drink alcohol on a fairly regular basis. As always, it's used to make good times better, not to deal with issues!

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I don't like the taste of alchol and being drunk is incredibly idiotic and pathetic.