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The raging hormones in here. My goodness.

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I wouldn't call it a crush, but I have always liked Misty and Lorelei from pokemon.
They're the reason I only trained water pokemon in my games for a quite some time as a kid.

I like many female characters in games and tv. Specially femme fatales and meganekkos.

Yeah I don’t know either.

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The whole female cast of the Dead or Alive series.


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As pretty as Samus is, I could never bring myself to "like like" her. She's just too good for me; hunting bounties, eliminating entire species of life-forms, constantly battling a giant space-dragon. How can I possibly top that? I have a, uhh... poster colection!

I'm more along the lines of "I respect" Samus.

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Ghirahim. He's just so fabulous.
And Wheatley, mostly for his voice.

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Uhh.. ehh.. umm...

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Peach and Daisy from Super Mario Strikers.

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Lara Croft of course and Tifa Lockhart from FF7 - wowzer!


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Jessica Sherawat from Resident Evil Revelations.

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Daisy when I was like smaller.



Retro_on_theGo wrote:

Lol! I had a crush on Chun-Li. Dem hips!

Hey! You back off of my woman, before I give you a Hadoken!!! >:[

Also everyone in Might Switch Force, Gum from Jet Set Radio, Link (man-bro crush, y' know), Flannery from Pokémon, Judith from Tales of Vesperia and probably a lot more that I'm forgetting. Hold on, I'll go dig up my list...

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Forgot I had this saved on my computer. (Ahem!) Don't know how it got there...


I've never had it for my background, I swear.



@Austroid: Let me just add another one.


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Aren't LUCARIO's paws adorable? (MOAR adorable than all of the Eevee'z)

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Ristar the Shooting Star!

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Marceline samus and zelda
Edit : Lucina and almost all of the rest of the FE:A women flame princess tear grants from tales of the abyss katara from avatar Korra Fiona astrid from how to train your dragon violet from the incredibles misty from pokemon rosalina from galaxy viridi and palutena from kid Icarus

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Jinx from teen titans for some reason.

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