Topic: Best Unique Nintendo Game Tournament! Need one more game to fill up the roster!

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GuSilverFlame wrote:

8BitSamurai wrote:

I nominate Kirby Air Ride. Can we nominate more than one?

I second this!

Oh my gosh, why did I not think to say that one?

Also, Pokémon Snap.

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I nominate Kirby Air Ride, the greatest multiplayer game of all time!

Edit: Oh wait, I didn't see that post above. So yeah, fourthed!

Also thought I'd nominate Pinball Pulse: The Ancients Beckon for DSiWare. Developed by Fuse Games (Who later became Silver Ball Studios, and even later was picked up by Barnstorm games, and were the developers of the super popular Pro Pinball games back in the nineties.) and published by Nintendo. It doesn't stand a chance with all the other nominees, but I think it's an excellent game and at least deserves a nomination.

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Future Pinball games!
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Waiting for Kirby Air Ride 2. One day, it will come. One day...

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Xenoblade Chronicles
The Last Story
Super Paper Mario

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@Maelstrom X isn't out yet though

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Yeah, guitars are cool.

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Kyloctopus wrote:

The current nominees:
Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix
Eternal Darkness
Elite Beat Agents
Kid Icarus Uprising
Blast Corps
Kirby Air Ride
Doshin the Giant
Disaster: Day of Crisis
Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link
Kirby and the Amazing Mirror
Wario's Woods
Pokémon Snap
Pinball Pulse: The Ancients Beckon
Xenoblade Chronicles
Super Paper Mario

Unfortunately, Pokémon Red, New Super Mario Bros. and Mario Party cannot be nominated due to having at sequels to all of them. I'm not sure if @Maelstrom read the rules...
Monolith Soft's Upcoming Wii U Title will not affect whether Xenoblade Chronicles is nominated or not, because it hasn't been released worldwide, nor has it been confirmed to be a direct sequel with the game.
I cannot count The Last Story because the game doesn't belong to Nintendo exclusively in both North America, and Europe.
Hmm... it looks like we almost have enough for a 16 game tournament. We're only missing one.

I will do the honour of picking the last unique Nintendo game to be in the tournament. It is also the only one here exclusively for the Wii U
and that would be...

Nintendo Land

So, come back Monday to begin voting, in this somewhat obscure tournament thread.

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