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What is it like to be a moderator/ wielder of the almighty banhammer?

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Another question... How do you feel about "lock blocks" or "Let's see how many people can post before this is locked" threads?

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can i be a christmas tree ordament please :3



new question:what 3ds xl design should come to NA/EU?

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When are you planning on getting WiiU? :3

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What will your first game for Wii U be (besides Nintendo Land)?

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Have you ever played the Portal series? :3

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What systems do you have? What is your number one game moment or scene?

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geez, i thought this thread died D:

@turtlelink: DC, because batman trumps all.

@LJM: What would I do that for? cheese is awesome and goes great with burgers :3

@paperluigi: i don't know

@Happy_Mask: flosswaffles are waffles made of floss, you silly. and if you think we don't have any of those sorts of threads around anymore, you're not looking hard enough :3

@Chrysalis: My favorite pokemon for a long time was Gyarados, but after B/W2 I must say I've had quite a lot of fun with an Emolga I was given. its so adorable~ My team where I left off was an Emolga, Lapras, Leavanny, Lampent, Croagunk, and Pawniard, but I also had a Magnemite that I caught and especially adored for some reason. I think I may also have had a Ferroseed, i can't remember right now. I believe i left off at the point where I had to go after some dragon trainer and i got lost and bored, so i wound up going back to the Studios and doing some more movies :3

@TheDreamingHawk: I do have a husband.

@Macaronius: judging from your user avatar... sorry, nope.

@Tricoloryoshi: meh, it's ok. :3

@TheDreamingHawk: Threads like that fall under the 'When replying to a topic, don't; unless you have something meaningful to say or something that will contribute to the discussion' rule — since it's not really a discussion, it's just a waste on our servers.

@CapnPancakez: At this point in time, my favorites would probably be SMB3 (NES), SMRPG (SNES), Mischief Makers (N64), Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii), Tetris (GB), SMAdvance4: SMB3 (GBA), Radiant Historia (DS), and MK7 (3DS).
note: these choices are subject to change at any given time, and chances are i'll say something else the next time you ask me, so don't quote me on these plz :3

@turtlelink: theblackdragon is meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~

@TysonQ7: idk what that is, sorry :3

@mieu-fire: you're cute enough to be an ornament, so sure, why not :3

@paperluigi: what 3DS XL design should we get... i think I'd like to see one for Pikmin (accompanying a Pikmin 3DS game, of course~)

@Happy_Mask: I'll get a Wii U when i have the funds. it won't be anytime soon, I'm afraid

@True_Hero: What will my first Wii U game be? idk what'll be out by then, so we'll see! :3

@Pikminsi: Yes, I played the original Portal on PC. It was good times for sure :3

@Chrysalis: I loooooooove waffles D: D: D:

@Jaz007: I currently have two SNESes and a PSX in storage, the Wii hooked up to the TV, my DSi and my 3DS. My number one game moment or scene at the moment... probably the end of case 4 of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. I've had the game on my mind lately, it might be time to play it through again :3

@Alien_Mosky: idk, I've never tried. I've heard that admins can't ban one another, but I haven't tested it for myself tbqh.

future of NL >:3
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Speaking of fighting games, what is your opinion on the Dreamcast?

Best thread ever
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What is the worst game you have ever played?

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AmazingPopo_Man wrote:

What is the worst game you have ever played?

surely it wasnt earthbound

the_shpydar wrote:
As @ogo79 said, the SNS-RZ-USA is a prime giveaway that it's not a legit retail cart.
And yes, he is (usually) always right, and he is (almost) the sexiest gamer out there (not counting me) ;)


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