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This is a little suggestion for the site. Can we have user titles depending on how many times we have posted? Like, when you see someones picture in their reply, it will have a user title beneath it.

Less than 50- Nintendo Bathroom Worker

50- Janitor

100- This playa suckz.

150- Loser

200- Gettin' better.

Add more.

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No, I can't count how many times I've previously posted!!!

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One moment please while I search for a meme
here's one:

Don't take it too seriously; my answer would still be "no", and besides, when else would I get a chance to use that? It's such a laughably classic line! Also, the YouTube embed is not working for some reason, which is why I'm linking it instead

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It will automatically count all posts. Other forums I've been in have titles like that.

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The problem with that is that it encourages people to spam the boards with pointless posts just to make it to the next level.

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No thanks. I'm afraid this would encourage people posting stuff for all the wrong reasons. It's better when everyone is treated and viewed equally. No need to group us into arbitrary categories and divide people. I like the fact that everyone's opinion here can be respected, no matter how long they've been on the site.


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We've seen this kind of suggestion pop up before, DeathAngel, and the general consensus is that user titles based on post count or visible post counts merely encourage users to post spam-like comments or nonsensical silliness for the purpose of garnering a better 'rank' or higher post count as opposed to constructive contributions to discussions here at Nintendo Life.

Push Square and KINECTaku do have a non-post-count-related 'title' for users who participate on the forums there, but we admins have to go in and edit them for users. I wouldn't mind if there was a set group of 'titles' that users can choose from themselves (DeviantART uses a system like that iirc), but linking it to post count is not something we're likely to see happen here.

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