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I love the overall design of the site and I appreciate all the effort put into creating all the unique game pages, with videos, etc etc. The forums however are lacking. I would just like the option to private message other users on the site/forums, as well as the option to search the forums. Being able to PM will make it easier to exchange friend codes, and searching will cut down on the ammount of duplicate threads about hte same thing, not to mention make it easier to find them!


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Those are all good ideas. It'll probably be a while before N-L has time for major updates since they're still adjusting to the change and the DSi craze, but once things calm down...

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I'll add my 2 cents towards the forums. I expected the news section of the forums to be locked from new posts being made except for moderators of this website etc. You've got people making news posts who, despite their good intentions (deep down I love you geek-master <3), aren't really posting the most reliable or relevant information. Would you be able to implement something along the lines of R.O.B. from vc-forums?




I also want to ask why there isn't a function to search the forums? For example I want to see the WiiWare-Space Invaders thread, but didn't want to go through all 30 pages in the WiiWare forum. A search would solve this problem in a few seconds.




Search function. I'm tired of asking now to be honest and I just spend a lot less time here instead. There's only so many times you can answer the same question.

But I've said this all before. You're yawning, I'm yawning, bleh!

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Why was this revived.

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PM is unlikely to happen due to the administrative overhead of having to police PMs as well as the regular forum.

Search function is in the cards, but as has been said in the past the primary problem is that we have one tech guy that does all site changes and a large list of changes and regular site maintenance (and he has a day job too!).

In the meantime we're quite tolerant of duplicate threads.

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