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isnt there a search function so i can find old threads? pretty sure there is already a thread for this game. anyway...

yesterday i got some DS games from a friend and i finally got to play metroid prime hunters.
first of all the game is awesome. it's amazing what the developers have achieved with this game. everything is really good.

but the controls are absolut horror! i played through the first two missions (first two planets) with stylus controlls and especially my left hand hurt so bad after 20mins. it still hurts today even though i quickly switched to button-only-controlls. those arent perfect either. the shooting is way harder because it's not so precise and it bothers me that i cant change shooting to the right shoulder button but at least my hands dont hurt!

also it annoys me that i can only save while being on my ship. why?! why cant i save at any given time or why arent there at least some savepoints??

besides that the game is awesome and so far i only needed to look up a walkthrough once. on the 4th planet where i missed one little thing to scan :/

i so hope the next nintendo handheld will have 2 analog-nubs / circlepads. imagine a handheld metroid prime with 3D and sweet graphics...omfg!!!

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And the Metroid Prime Trilogy is even better.

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The only 3d Metroid games I played were Prime hunters and first hunt, I thought both games were good but I guess we all have different opinions and taste.

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Yeah, I got used to the crampy controls of the FPS games on the ds. Actually thought Hunters was a decent game, haven't played the Prime Trilogy mind you but I see the little spinoff as a nice diversion.

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i played through prime 1 and 3 (couldnt beat 2 and it was kinda lame). especially liked the first one with wii-controlls. and the 3rd had some cool nunchuck implementation.

yesterday i had to fight the boss from the iceplanet. i had to switch to touchpen controlls and even with those it was very hard to hit that tiny eye. i read the instructions manual today and it says that the rockets can be homing when loaded. havent tried that yet. this game could use a lock on system. prime 1-3 had that although it wasnt nessecary there.

im now back on the first "planet". damn so many portals

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who will play with me online ?

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Metroid Prime Hunters is easily my favorite Metroid game and has been my favorite game for years. I was 13 at the time I started playing the game, so I might have been too young to recognize much control issues and just played through it. I do remember being very engrossed in the experience regardless. First time I played my DS system while it was being charged because I had a continual urge to get ever deeper into the Alimbic Cluster and the mystery of the mission. I absolutely love the multiplayer the game has, though without a WEP connection, my matches are either against the bots or my little brother now. I've put a ton of time into playing as the other bounty hunters, so much so that at one point I did consider Sylux to be my favorite character in the Metroid Series. When I was younger, Sylux reminded me of an armored Sith Lord, now at 21, much of the appeal comes from my fascination with lightning storms and Sylux's affinity basically being a leeching, lightning thread. As I've grown up with the game, I've gotten more into the mystery of the story and characters like Sylux. Sylux has appealed to me here too, being so much of a ghost that there isn't even data on its species. I've really liked playing with that sense of secrecy by placing the Lockjaw's trip wire beyond arena veils, that way they can often be both unavoidable and undetected.

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okay i went through the planets and it was time to do the first backtracking. i went to the first planet but i was stuck at a blue door. then i tried the second again and i am now shortly before another boss. the game is way more fun now with the backtracking. the puzzles feel better and more comlictaed or maybe just longer. i dont know. the game just feels more metroid now. the first 4 planets were more like "come into a room, kill some enemies, scan something to get to the next room". now it's a tiny bit more complicated and it feels better.

you know?

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Eh, Hunters was an alright game. Some of the music was good, and the controls felt wonky sometimes and it was a bit hard to play. The multiplayer was so much fun though. I have fond memories of staying up playing online.

Part of me wishes they had made a Wii remake and put this game and its multiplayer into the Metroid Prime Trilogy...but oh well.

Is there to was though when even at like of than with it?

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I enjoyed this game. I going to see if playing it on 2ds helps the hand cramps. It'll be interesting to find out -when I get it back from my friend. Has anyone tried it on 2ds?



why would it be any better on 2DS? does the 2DS has a second slidepad?

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Nope! I just found it uncomfortable for my shooting finger after a while on the dsi. With the 2ds my finger has to extend far more to reach the shoulder button. I thought that may have a positive impact. I was using the stylus controls.



The last 60 or so hours of Metroid Prime Hunters I've played have been solely on the 2DS, and I do think it is the best system to play Metroid Prime Hunters on. The wedge design of the 2DS feels very comfortable in addition to pressing larger shoulder buttons.

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I'm Just starting this game again after many years on the 3DS. The circle pad makes a nice difference so far.



@gp993 The NWFC servers closed a long time ago. So yeah, online is pretty much useless on DS games.

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