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Which would you prefer a focus upon?

While the NES may have several classic games, there are a great number of dated looking games. In comparison, the Game Boy Color looks brighter, more colorful, fresher and more modern. Some GBC games are handheld ports of big name console games at the time - Grand Theft Auto, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, Duke Nukem, Harvest Moon, Street Fighter Alpha - those would sell on name alone if they were released. On the downside is the smaller screen - Super Mario Bros. DX is being heavily criticised now for only showing a small portion of the original NES game.

So I say more GBC games and less NES games. The NES games they are releasing have already been released on Wii Virtual Console so there is nothing new there for those of us who have been downloading several NES games on Wii.

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The released Resident Evil is a different game, more like an RPG. (there was a direct port of the original but it was canceled)
Also, Duke Nukem is based on the original side-scrollers that probably aren't remembered that well compared to the 3D games.

Yes, while Super Mario Bros. DX might've had to do in 1999, it doesn't seem like it would hold up when the full-screen original is available.



Yeah, I know those games are different to the original releases, but I think they will still sell mainly because of the name.

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can't players get both?(also POKÉMON TCG GB FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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I agree with more GBC games. We already have the Wii and Wii U Virtual Consoles for NES games. I say focus more on handheld VC games for handhelds, and console VC games on consoles. Still, it near hurts to have more VC games on either system, and hopefully in the future we can get simultaneous VC releases for 3DS and Wii U (and speed up the development of VC overall)

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I'll be happy with either NES or GBC, I'll take any thing that increases games on the eShop. Its ridiculous how slowly they are releasing games for it


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I also want to see NGPC and GBA added eventually. More old school portable games, please.

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Dragon Quest III or Crystalis GBC.

I would rather have TG16 it is better than both the NES and the GBC. (As e.g Magical Chase GBC vs TG16 shows).

I don't really like the NES anyway but it is less annoying on a CRT than any type of LCD screen. (If more games had not cheaped out on costs and used the chip Castlevania III uses it might have been different).

I am not bothered about Neo Geo Pocket at all but I would like the proper Neo Geo. (As long as on MVS difficulty it doesn't lag like Metal Slug X US NTSC Wii does).

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I would just like to point out that GTA on the GBC is absolutely TERRIBLE.

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GBC by miles.

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I would have to vote for GambeBoy Colour because I have many memories of playing these games from my childhood!!




I think the NES has a larger catalogue of games and I'm constantly discovering stuff from its library. GBC doesn't have nearly as much to discover imo, but there are some good games.

Also, I totally forgot about the NGPC!

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GBC. I prefer having NES games on my Wii U.


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I got a Game Boy Color when I was a senior in high school, right before the Pokemon craze came out. GBC suffered a short lifespan with GBA coming out in 2001, and retail shelves were always stuffed with Pokemon titles of which I had little interest. Many GBC titles were ports of NES/SNES games which suffered from reduced screen resolution, or worse, modern franchises shoehorned into 2D platformers. There were some unique gems on the system like Wario 2 and 3 and Shantea, but overall GB and GBA got larger libraries.

I always wanted an NES as a kid in the 80s but never got one. I finally found one in my garage in 2002, still in the box, and that started a lifelong obsession with retrogaming and Nintendo in general. The library of NES is so amazing that Game Boy Color pales in comparison. Anyone interested in Game Boy Color I recommend picking up a GBA for backwards compatabiity so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.


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Nearly all the good NES games have a superior version either as the original Arcade game or on the PC Engine (Or X68000 if you count that - the best version of the first Castlevania is on that system).

Quite a few of the rest have better versions on the Gameboy Color (All the Dragon Quest's / Crystalis).

The NES with the MMC5 would have been fine however most publishers were too cheap to use it. (When it was used i.e Castlevania III it shows and the NES becomes tolerable).

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I think X68000 Castlevania is technically a different game (though it did get a western release as Castlevania Chronicles for PS1/PSN). NES Castlevania did get an arcade version. And yes, Konami found ways to make it even harder.

It is pretty bad that the only other games to have used the MMC5 were a Zapper game by Konami (okay, technically it was designed to use Konami's microphone replacement for the Zapper, same thing) and Koei's line of strategy games that nobody knew how to play.
(though the Japanese version Castlevania did not use the MMC5. I know the MMC5 was probably chosen because it was the closest to the Konami-developed chip used in the Famicom version, but did Konami actually make use of the MMC5's features in the port to the NES?)

Super Mario Bros. 3 was not on the GBC (unless you count some bootleg that would make you both laugh at how shoddy it is and cry at what a desecration of a classic it is. Though it... thankfully?... is probably only a few levels anyways.)

I could probably if I wanted to really try name a lot of NES games never on another console but I'm too lazy right now.



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