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Topic: Will you still be playing on your 3DS during school days?

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21. Posted:

maybe most likely yes. i'll just talk to friends mainly

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Yeah, I probably will and show it off to my cool friends. (No one I know has one yet.)

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i was playing my 3ds during school in may....so its a yes

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GuyMontag wrote:

maybe most likely yes. i'll just talk to friends mainly

You have the best username ever (I just finished Fahrenheit for school yesterday).

Well, the machine is off on a little repair adventure at the the moment, but as soon as it comes back, the Ambassador games start rolling in, and SAGA shows up on my doorstop, I'll be playing this beauty like there's no tomorrow.

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I may be in AP classes, and I may get more work than a lot of kids get in college (my sister says that the AP prrogram I am in and she used to be in gives more work than what she has in college now). I will change one thing this year, I WILL PLAY GAMES DURING THIS SCHOOL YEAR. I will start playing my 3DS once I get those GBA games.

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