Topic: Who's having the midnight launches?

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komicturtle92 wrote:

BetelgeuseWC77 wrote:

They'll be doing midnight launches here, and it makes me nervous. Enough so that, since I'm not going to the launch party, tomorrow I'm shelling out the remainder of the balance on the 3DS I reserved. Otherwise I'll have nightmares until it's in my hands, about people who've already paid the full amount getting theirs, then going in on Sunday afternoon and having an associate tell me "sorry, we didn't get as many 3DS' as we thought and we sold them all at the midnight launch, come back in 2 weeks when we get another shipment"!

Even though it shouldn't be a big deal.. it friggin is >_<

Darn skippy it is! Paid the remaining balance today and got all but a written guarantee (would've gotten that if possible) from the manager that I'd get one. I'm not getting out at midnight for someone to Shoryuken me into lala land and take my 3DS! No sir ree, Jim Bob!

Let's attack aggressively, kupo! :D

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I have a trustworthy nocturnal friend who will be picking it up for me.

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komicturtle92 wrote:

supernin10do wrote:

Unfortunatly for me, I preordered my 3DS in a Gamestop at the mall... which opens at 10:00 on sundays. I really hope it's not going to be a huge stampede into the mall for it...

Same here. I do remember that GS holding midnight launches for ALL CoDs and Halo games.. As well was God of War III and Gears of War II. NEVER Nintendo. At all.

I got mine at the mall too.


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