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Topic: Swapnote Spotpass Service Discontinued

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Nothing wrong with having your Personal Messages checked is there? After all these years where people have mis-used services I think it's a companies right to see what you're sending to others. As for the Swapnote issue... People have obviously been complaining about the service somewhere along the line since, as far as I'm aware, Nintendo don't check notes sent through said app.

I'm sure the service will come back online in a few months time when Nintendo have found a new way to control it. But until then, everyone who did this should hang their head in shame...

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^ I don't care having my messages checked since I don't send anything I don't want people to see(except maybe... those about the girl I like but I just don't want her seeing, before I tell her my feelings, so I don't mind a complete stranger checking :p ) I'm just saying I bet many of those guys complaining about tha lack of safety are the same that usually complain about the lack of privacy in social networks. XD

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163. Posted:

I already miss it now. :( sigh.

Well, I'm not going to delete it. One day, I'll look back at it, and I'll always remember talking to my friend who had to leave IRL through it, and setting up some game sessions on it sometimes, and getting letters from Nintendo, and sending drawn pictures through it. It was so much fun.

Then again, I haven't used it in months, either.

But ultimately, I think that they just closed it because they made no money from it... It was a free app and maintaining a server wouldn't be cheap. I just wish that they had given us a better warning. >.>

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This decision by Nintendo is really disappointing. -_-

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Man I just got the 3dsxl and had spotpass for two whole mins then it told me I couldnt use it anymore I never got to use it and it says in settings that its on but it wont work dude thats bs man maybe if we all call nintendo all in the same day and b about it maybe just maybe it will come back

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The only good thing about this is that I now have a few more blocks for other stuff available. Almost half my friends on my list were actual SwapNote friends, that's all we did was exchange SwapNotes, and now many of those friends are just on the list for no reason at all. A few of them got Pokemon X or Y, but a lot of them don't yet, and I miss talking to those friends. Well, I guess we're all suppose to be reclusive after all.

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What a total disappointment, i had such a wonderful time using this feature, exchanging whacky art and what not....I spent more time using Swapnote than any 3DS game for crying out loud.

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