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Yeah, I figured this would happen. It doesn't bug me too much since they are minor issues anyway. The marks on the circle pad are the only ones noticeable during gameplay though. I suppose setting the 3DS on just about any surface (although I usually put it in the Club Nintendo reversible pouch when I'm done using it) leaves some scratches on the back of it.



Try rubbing it with a rubber It worked on my 3DS



he apparently had this problem and has come up with a potential solution — to rub out the scuffs with an eraser. i have marks on my own circle pad and i'll probably try this if i get the chance. thank you for the suggestion, Chopper :3

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I don't have any kind of damage on my 3DS, but the circle pad is still hard to control due to my occasionally sweaty thumbs and a perfectly smooth surface. Kind of hoping if there's another version of the 3DS in the future they make the analog stick easier to grip, or just release a better rubberized sticker or something.



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