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Have you ever got a hit in a busy place and once you have seen the mii been able to spot the owner amongst the crowd.
It happened the other day when I was in the City and I couldnt get over how much like the mii they looked like I just wanted to go over and say something but then I thought better of it, thank goodness, so I didnt come across as some kind of weird mii stalker.
It made me wonder how many other people have spotted other spotpasses out there.

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I did, I could tell because the guy was playing street fighter, just like the Mii, who looked just like him, said. I walked over and said hi and he was all like, "Wtf? Gtfo!". Embarrassing.


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lol i still only have one hit since launch xD

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It happened to me yesterday in Game. I met the Mii in StreetPass then met the person who's 3DS it came from. That was wierd, but cool, really cool!


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yeah, it happened too here. it was a guy working in a gameshop.

got into a small talk about the lame launch games.

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wow i went to a few videogame stores. no hits. ahhhh damn!

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