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Anyone else wondering what this is? It says it's the 2 games "totally reworked for the Nintendo 3DSTM and including all the classic game modes".

Is it just going to be the original Pac-Man and Galaga with the sprites popping out? (If it's this then it'll be probably be downloadable instead of retail)

Are they going to "Arrange" the games again similar to what they did with PSP collection but add 3D effects?

Is it actually a new Namco Museum with the arranged Pac-Man and Galaga just as the main titles?

Maybe it's Pac-Man Chamionship Edition & Galaga Leigons bundled together with 3D effects (and with the original Pac-Man and Galaga along with it)

What do you think it's going to be? ("Pac-Man & Galaga" might not be the final title for this)

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Well Namco loves to milk Namco Museum time and again, they normally also aren't dumb enough to just shove 2 games on a card, usually it's like 5 or more, so you're looking at part of a package of the line or some early loose leak of a virtual console setup for the 3DS. I mean Namco has put up a couple games on the Virtual Arcade on the Wii's VC.

I know i'd love to have those 2 old classics both with normal mode that can with the slider be made standout, then some fully weird but neat stand out arrange mode maybe of even the most bizarre Namco Remix(Wii) type thing going on there.

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@J.K. Yes, they really do. I think there's at least a Namco Museum for every handheld and home console for the past two generations, maybe even before.

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I might would consider downloading it but I wouldn't pay full retail price for a game like this.

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3D Galaga would be kick-ass.

The Game.

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It goes back than just this and the last generation. Namco Museum has been shoveled in so many ways even to the most obscure of systems such as the Philips/Magnavox CDi of all things had it on there. Even previous to the museum being named on it, while it was on the PS1 early enough on, there were the stand alones on Gameboy along side it to add more play on the go. Namco has been at that racket of repackaging arcade games as far back nearly as when the arcade titles came out.

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Well, I don't know about you guys, but I would like having Pac-Man (and Galaga too I guess) on my 3DS. Especially if it's a download.

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Galaga would be pretty interesting to see in 3D. I just hope it has 3DS generation visuals, not just the original graphics popping out. As for Pac-Man, I can honestly say that I don't have a clue how that is going to work in 3D. I hope they use the "pizza" design for Pac-Man, not the new, younger-sounding "Puke-Man."

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