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  • Random Fan Project Is Making Super Mario Galaxy DS A Reality

    What sorcery is this?

    Super Mario Galaxy is a classic, and certainly in the conversation when debating the best ever Mario games; it shone on its Wii debut, and more recently looked rather nice as part of the Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection. Imagine, though, if it was playable on Nintendo DS. That's what a group of four talented homebrew...

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  • Random The Internet Goes Wild For New Waluigi Render

    Look at that tongue, and that pose...

    If you're a fan of Nintendo's purple mischief-maker Waluigi, there's not all that much to be excited about right now. We guess that's why his followers on social media are so happy about the latest render of him that's popped up in this week's episode of Nintendo Minute. As our resident render expert Jon...

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  • News You Can Play Super Mario 64 In Your Browser

    Browser's Inside Story

    Nintendo is known for cracking down on downloads, torrents, and ports of their games, but they have to take breaks some time, right? Just last week, the developers of the "Super Mario 64 Plus" PC port of the game stated that they weren't too worried about DMCAs, since they weren't actually a threat to the sales of the game...