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Friday24th Sep 2021

  • News The Super Mario Movie's Release Date And Cast Are Revealed

    Chris Pratt! Jack Black! Seth Rogan! Charles Martinet!

    The upcoming Super Mario movie now has a solid release date. As was revealed during today's Nintendo Direct, the movie will launch in North America on the 21st of December, 2022. We also got our first look at the cast, and there are some big names involved. Chris Pratt (Jurassic World,...

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  • News Select Super Mario LEGO Sets Appear To Be 'Retiring Soon'

    Get Wave 1 while you can

    It's been an exciting week if you're a fan of Lego and Nintendo's Super Mario series - with the reveal of the Super Mario 64 '?' Block, but it seems some older sets could soon be retiring. As spotted by VGC, the Lego's UK store will seemingly be retiring three Super Mario sets from Wave 1. They include the Boomer Bill...

Thursday9th Sep 2021

  • News Super Mario 64 LEGO '?' Block Revealed, Out In October

    The mystery unfolds...

    Yesterday LEGO was teasing its next Nintendo tie-in, confirming it'd be a big ol' '?' Block. It's now been fully unveiled in the trailer above, and as you can see it unfolds for a Super Mario 64 theme; it looks set to release on 1st October. It looks rather neat, but you'll need to save your pennies; the

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  • Random You Can Play Super Mario 64 Via The Xbox's Web Browser

    A cheeky little workaround

    You might recall back in April we reported on the fact that Super Mario 64 was now playable via a browser using Super Mario 64: Browser Edition. Now, our friends over at Pure Xbox have discovered that this version is playable on an Xbox console, using the system's built-in Edge browser. While the gam

Thursday12th Aug 2021

  • News The Voice Of Mario From The Early '90s Has Passed Away

    Prolific actor Walker Boone sadly left us at the start of 2021

    Charles Martinet has been the voice of Mario for quite some time now, but he's not the only actor to bring the famous character to life. In the early '90s, Mario was voiced by Walker Boone, who would provide his vocal talents to both The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario...

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