Update [Thu 11th Jul, 2024 14:30 BST]:

Nintendo has now revealed an English-language version of the overview trailer for Nintendo World Championship: NES Edition.

Original Article [Fri 28th Jun, 2024 03:35 BST]:

The Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition arrives on the Switch next month and to help promote this upcoming release a new overview trailer has been uploaded.

This trailer is only available on Nintendo's Japanese YouTube channel right now, but goes in-depth about the challenges across all of the games. It will also come with a special Survival Mode and Legend challenges - such as finishing a game in a single run. In case you missed our initial coverage, here are the titles that will be included in this new package:

If an English version of this trailer is released, we'll let you know. This title arrives on 18th July 2024 and will be available in a 'Deluxe Set' which comes with a Golden replica NES cartridge. In Japan, Switch fans will instead receive two wireless Famicom controllers designed for use with the Switch.

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