Sega's upcoming reboot of the Crazy Taxi franchise might still be a ways off, but thanks to a recruitment video and a smattering of job listings, we now have a slightly firmer idea of what the game will have in store for us.

As spotted by VGC, SEGA is describing the reboot as a 'massively multiplayer driving game' in online job listings, with the recently posted recruitment video expanding on this by stating that development is currently focused on adapting the classic Crazy Taxi gameplay into an online world with multiple players.

Furthermore, the game world is supposedly a realistic city based on the United States west coast (i.e. San Fransisco, Los Angeles, etc), with the map being described as 'theme park-like'. It sounds like we can probably expect to see a lot of verticality with the game, then, similar to the original entries.

Sega announced it was reviving Crazy Taxi during The Game Awards in 2023, showcasing a trailer that featured the likes of Shinobi, Streets of Rage, Jet Set Radio, and Golden Axe. There's no word on when the game might be released, but given that it's likely still at least a year away at this point, we'd probably expect it to show up on Nintendo's upcoming Switch successor.

The last Crazy Taxi to show up on a Nintendo platform was Crazy Taxi: Catch A Ride for the GBA in 2003. Similarly, the last mainline entry, Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller, launched even earlier in 2002 as an Xbox exclusive. Ports of the first two games launched on the PSP in 2007 in the form of Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars, while Sega has released a couple of mobile spin-offs in the years since.

What are your thoughts on Sega's upcoming Crazy Taxi reboot? Do you think it will launch on the Switch? Let us know with a comment.

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