Zelda Master Sword
Image: Nintendo

In The Legend of Zelda franchise, finding and carrying the legendary Master Sword is perhaps one of the most important tasks you'll need to accomplish to defeat evil and save the land of Hyrule. For one individual, however, carrying a replica Master Sword around in real life has led to a rather unfortunate jail sentence.

As covered by Eurogamer, a man named Anthony Bray from Nuneaton, England, was caught with a six-inch replica of the Master Sword while wandering about in public. According to Bray, it was intended to be used as a fidget toy, however, arresting officers stated that it "was in fact a sharply pointed item which could be used as a weapon and might put others in fear of it being used against them".

Bray was apparently adamant that the sword wouldn't be used to cause harm toward others but acknowledged that it could be perceived as a potential threat. He has now been sentenced to a four-month jail term and will need to pay a victims' surcharge of £154.

Sgt Spellman of the Patrol Investigations Unit concluded the case by stating:

"We take a zero tolerance to bladed articles in public, and Bray has fallen afoul of this. It is possible to find fidget toys that aren't six-inch blades. It is possible not to walk down the street holding them out in front of you."

So, take this as a bit of a warning - if you happen to own a replica of the Master Sword, regardless of its size, maybe keep it indoors and away from others.

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