Square Enix's SaGa Emerald Beyond might not have received the same amount of attention as certain other JRPGs this year, but months after its release Square Enix is still showing support for the game with some updates.

The "major content" in this latest one addresses multiple bugs and also includes some quality of life improvements. Here are the full patch notes:

- Fixed an issue wherein certain battles would not end if the player engaged in an endless loop of overdrives.
- Adjusted the combo rate for when a player enters their fourth consecutive overdrive and beyond.
- Fixed several issues related to trading specific items in multiples.
- Adjusted the trade menu hierarchy.
- Added functionality to toggle between items on the Item Enhancement screen.
- Added descriptions stating that damage taken will be also increased when under the effect of certain damage-increasing effects.
- Fixed an issue related to which doors are chosen in the junction when only two doors are available in Tsunanori Mido’s story.
- Fixed multiple minor graphic display issues.
- Fixed multiple minor text issues.
- Adjusted various UI display elements.
- Fixed other minor issues.

When this game arrived on the Switch earlier this year, we praised the timeline combat system, loved the multiple stories, worlds and characters as well as the callbacks to earlier SaGa entries. You can learn more about this particular release in our review here on Nintendo Life. There's a demo available via the eShop, too.

In some related news, it's now been confirmed SaGa Emerald Beyond will also be getting a physical release on the Switch featuring English language support. Pre-orders are available on sites like Playasia, with the hard copy expected to ship next month in July 2024.

Have you tried out this game on the Switch yet? Any interest in the physical release? Let us know in the comments.

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