Image: Nintendo Life

If you're a staunch fan of the 3DS, then chances are you've dabbled in the Streetpass and Spotpass features over the years. The latter, of course, is no longer available since Nintendo shut down the online servers, but if you're out and about with your 3DS, then you can still benefit from the StreetPass function (that is, if you find anyone else with their own console).

One of the games that made use of the StreetPass function was Puzzle Swap, which allowed you to slowly reveal images via new tiles. Some of these were exclusive images offered via the Spotpass feature, and a group of fans is currently on the hunt for one last image.

Dubbed ANAでDS (All Nippon Airways), the image was made available exclusively in Japan from July to September in 2012. Naturally, of course, this means that the image is now only available via the Streetpass function. The online group, led by Benny Rochwerg, has recovered the data for all but 1 of the 63 Puzzle Swap panels available, and it needs your help to find the final image.

Once the final image is recovered via SteetPass, Benny aims to have master files available for all 63 Puzzle Swap panels, allowing anyone to download them onto their 3DS and thus preserving every Puzzle Swap image for the foreseeable future.

So, if you or someone you know has access to the ANAでDS Puzzle Swap image (you can see what it looks like via Nintendo Fandom), then leave a comment down below. In the meantime, be sure to check out the wonderful StreetPass documentary published by our very own Zion - it's a lengthy one, so get comfortable.