Yacht Club Games spent most of its recent broadcast digging into Shovel Knight's upcoming games and DLC, but there was also a brief update in there about the company's new action-adventure game Mina The Hollower, which draws inspiration from series like The Legend of Zelda.

Apart from a new video (above) showcasing once again what players can expect in this new adventure, the game's director Alec Faulkner shared some extra insight about this new 8-bit handheld-style adventure running at a smooth 60 frames per second.

As for a release date, there's still no solid confirmation for this one yet, but according to the official PR, players can "expect a grand gameplay reveal in the near future". This game was originally revealed on Kickstarter in 2022, with Yacht Club providing regular updates since then. Here's some additional information attached to the latest trailer:

Let us descend into the depths of 'Mina the Hollower,' our spine-tingling new action-adventure game. Mina is our next game featuring classic gameplay with a modern twist. inspired by 8-bit handhelds, 'Mina the Hollower' delivers smooth 60fps action combat, a world full of mystery and horror, and classic top-down adventuring. You shall play as Mina, a whip-wielding Hollower and visionary inventor, who embarks on a quest to restore power to Tenebrous Isle after receiving a troubling letter from Baron Lionel. Utilizing her unique Hollowing abilities, Mina can burrow through the ground, use a plethora of weapons and trinkets to vanquish monsters, and uncover the island's dark secrets.

As this expansive new adventure continues to take shape, we are nearing the completion of the initial pass on all level content. Our diligent team is now focused on crafting the final, most treacherous level. The last of the primary weapons and sidearms are being meticulously integrated, bringing Mina's deadly arsenal to its full, fearsome potential.

As 'Mina the Hollower' has evolved, it has grown significantly larger than initially anticipated, incorporating an expansive overworld and more RPG elements.

As we approach the next phases - balancing the gameplay, refining the script, and polishing every gory detail - the anticipation is palpable here at Yacht Club Games. We cannot wait to deliver a game teeming with fun and fear! Stay tuned for more updates as we breathe life into 'Mina the Hollower'—oh, the horror and delight that await! This, boys and ghouls, is going to be something truly special. Stay tuned for a grand trailer and gameplay reveal in the near future.

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