Masahiro Sakurai
Image: Masahiro Sakurai on Creating Games

Super Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai has previously mentioned how he planned to wrap up his YouTube channel, and now he's shared another update about this on social media. According to a rough translation, he's now finished recording the final episode. Just don't expect to see it any time soon, as it will apparently be a while before it's released.

Until then, you can continue to enjoy his regular uploads like his most recent video focused on attack collision in games. Throughout his channel's lifespan, he's also shared plenty of other tips and insights about game design - covering areas such as sound, graphics, controls, animation, and various other interesting topics related to this subject.

He's also gone into the history of gaming from time to time, and even sharing plenty of details about the development of his own projects over the years. When he originally launched his YouTube channels back in 2022, he quickly surpassed multiple milestones and now has close to 600k subscribers on his English channel.

As for what's next for Masahiro Sakurai...well, he did mention in December last year he was still creating games...

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