DK / Mario
Image: Nintendo Life

Pre-orders for Donkey Kong Country Returns HD and Mario & Luigi: Brothership have gone live via the Japanese eShop, confirming the estimated file sizes for each game.

Donkey Country Country Returns is coming in at 9.0GB, while Mario & Luigi: Brothership is slightly larger at 10.0GB. We're admittedly slightly surprised at the size of the former since Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze was considerably smaller in size at 6.6GB.

With Mario & Luigi, however, the closest comparisons we have would be Super Mario RPG at 6.5GB and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door at 5.0GB.

We also have confirmed dates for both games after their reveal at the latest Nintendo Direct. Mario & Luigi: Brothership will land on 7th November 2024, while Donkey Kong Country Returns HD is bringing in the new year with its release on 16th January 2025. The former is a brand new entry in the Mario & Luigi RPG franchise, while the latter is another re-release for the Retro Studios-developed platformer. It originally launched on the Wii in 2007 before receiving a port for the 3DS in 2013.

Forever Entertainment is leading development on Donkey Kong, however, it is not currently known which studio is handling Mario & Luigi: Brothership. Nintendo recently confirmed that some of the original developers of the franchise are involved, but stopped short of confirming the specific team.

Will you be downloading these games to your Switch when they launch, or are you opting for the physical editions? Let us know your thoughts with a comment.