Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake was teased a few weeks ago by Square Enix, but during today's Nintendo Direct, we got oh, so much more news than just the one game.

First up, Dragon Quest III HD-2D will be launching on Switch on 14th November 2024. This one was initially revealed in the Dragon Quest 35th anniversary celebrations back in 2021, though recent rumours surrounding the game's contents had us wondering whether it might pop up soon enough. And pop up it has. The new trailer gives us another look at the stunning HD-2D visuals and showcases some of the animation changes that we'll be able to catch later this year.

Here's a rundown of the upcoming remake from Nintendo:

"Experience the chronological beginning of the Erdrick Trilogy storyline in this remake of the original RPG classic, now with vibrant HD-2D visuals and an expanded narrative! Set out on an epic fantasy adventure as The Hero to save the world from the dark forces of the evil Archfiend, Baramos. Travel through a vast world full of towns, dungeons and caves to explore, meet a cast of lively characters and fight ferocious monsters in modernized turn-based battles"

But that's not all — Square Enix has confirmed that both Dragon Quest I and Dragon Quest II are also getting HD-2D remakes. These are coming in 2025 and are coming bundled together, which makes sense, as the first two games are fairly short.

We didn't get a look at the other two remakes, but we reckon the wait for Dragon Quest III will keep us more than occupied. Plus, that key art, hey? Gorgeous.

Dragon Quest HD-2D
Image: Square Enix

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